Update R237-240

Created on 06.01.2018 19:30:17 by NST

Client / Server Updates / Preparation

  • Some preparations for a new gamemode were made - We'll share more information about this when the time is right
  • Bugfixes applied that fixes some random crashes
  • Some exploits were fixed
  • New GM interal features were added

The patch contains more internally stuff, code refactorings and some preparations needed for future updates.

Softupdate R236.1

Created on 14.09.2017 15:47:00 by NST


  • High Priest Persec drops now the correct mission item

Update R234-236

Created on 10.09.2017 21:21:06 by NST

Patch notes for pattches 234 to 236 - 15th Anniversary Patch 2017


  • New PSI WoC mission introduced. This includes a new PSI WoC item.
  • New melee WoC mission introduced. This includes a new melee WoC item.
  • Mission to enable/introduce charter transfers introduced. This mission is mandatory to make transfers available. More details in the transfer website thread.
  • Naming, item description and typos fixed for Ion Crossbow pistol blueprint and Ion Crossbow rifle
  • Fixed typos in all FSM scripts
  • Added VHC ammo trader to DRT
  • Fixed decal at DRT.
  • Increased the SL gain for the Jailhouse Charity missions once again.

Client updates

  • Added 15th Anniversary login screen.
  • The hint of the day has been temporarily disabled.

Update R233

Created on 05.09.2017 15:21:40 by NST


  • a new server feature was implemented that allows us to set a specific gameserver to "AlwaysOn". The server was shutting down after 60s when the last player left the sector to save resources. With "AlwaysOn" we avoid the shutdown so NPCs, vehicles etc are not getting "frozen" until a player joins the sector again.

Update R232

Created on 05.09.2017 15:20:31 by NST


  • the new loading system hasn't worked well on some machines so we have decided to roll it back to the previous version until this problem is sorted

This rollback addresses the fast-sync-feature only, not (!) character or apartment data.

Update R231

Created on 05.09.2017 15:18:23 by NST


  • Particle effects performance improved a bit
  • Loading performance on client start improved
  • Sector load and unload logic improved (Synclaming patch confirmed!)


  • FX-System caching logic altered - crashs on syncs eliminated caused by the previous version

Update R230

Created on 05.09.2017 15:17:01 by NST


  • Dynamic lighting improved
  • Preload / Precache of actors improved a bit (should decrease loading stutters)

Update R229

Created on 05.09.2017 15:15:55 by NST


  • a bug was fixed that made runners invisible after entering a new sector (Invis melee bug)


  • some particles do emit light now

Update R228

Created on 05.09.2017 15:12:27 by NST


  • Problem fixed that has denied the replication of weapon states (FIRE, RELOAD...) to clients

Update R227

Created on 05.09.2017 15:13:22 by NST


  • Crash fixed that caused by the sound playback


  • Maximal polycount processing per scene increased x10


  •  Client <-> server update mechanic altered - Should allow update over great distances (gameworld) aswell