• NCE 2.5.846- Redflash

    Created on 11/26/2023 1:48:56 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Pathfinder Missions:
      • Completed implementation of the final 2 Pathfinder missions (K15 & I16);
      • Various corrections & rewordings across all Pathfinder missions to make objectives clearer;
      • C08 - Changed kill requirements from Outcast Soldier to any Outcast npc, and increased kill count required;
      • J05 - Reduced Dead Drop respawn timer;
      • F04 - Changed kill requirements to any Swamp Hippos & any Swamp Plants families, and increased kill count required;
      • F04 - Increased value of junk dropped by Big Swamprider & Swamp Shamans;
    • Maps
      • Fixed El Farid level 2 so that the Scorpion Queen no longer gets stuck in the wall;
      • J 11 - Removed DoY Guard from roadside;
      • K 15 - The Pathfinders have moved into the area;
      • K 16 - Moved spawn points further away from cliff faces;
      • I 06 - Tweaked spawn points around the Mutant Dead Drops;
      • I 16 - The Pathfinders have moved into the area;
      • I 16 - Fixed ASG placement so vehicles should not spawn inaccessible;
    • Tech Part drop rate
      • Increased mid-level Tech Part farm viability;
        • Added Tech Parts back to Big Swamprider & Swamp Shamans (Swamp Farm);
        • Doubled Tech Part drop rate of Sandcrawlers found across NE Deserts (Desert Farm);
      • Increase high-level Tech Part farm diversity;
        • Removed chance for 3 simultaneous Tech Part drops from a Grim Chaser;
        • Tripled Tech Part drop rate of Y. Replicant Cyborgs found in NE Canyons (I16, etc);
        • Tripled Tech Part drop rate of Area MC5 Security System Bots;
        • Fixed Y. Trooper Replicant NPC-Flag so that they now require hacking to loot;
    • Misc
      • Fixed spelling of Drakkhan Hacknet "doors";
    • Events
      • Added new "Omega" Event Bosses;
      • Fixed rank of "Omega" Event Bosses;
    • Christmas
      • Christmas has arrived in Neocron!
      • Added new Christmas Gift decorations that can be obtained in exchange for Snowflakes [Thanks to Community Member Hogg for creating!];
      • Fixed issue with Christmas Master Hunter Trophy (GitHub #55);


    • Decreased quality % of MC5 weapon rewards in order to promote progressing to new weapons earlier;
    • Rebalanced difficultly of "Omega" Event Bosses;
    • Rebalanced difficultly of Christmas Seasonal Dungeons (Bad Santas Hideout & both Winter Wonderlands);



    • Fixed an issue with the 1x2 Tech Haven Cupboard model;
    • Added new Tool Icons;
    • Added new Power Armour Icons (also: GitHub #48);
    • Re-created El Farid Map;

  • Weekly Community Dungeon Adventures

    Created on 11/4/2023 5:30:52 PM by NST

    Join Kyrus and Virtus for new weekly Dungeon Adventures, a fantastic opportunity to explore all dungeons while building a stronger sense of community.

    Every week, we'll embark on a new dungeon expedition, starting with the easier ones and gradually tackling the most challenging content. These adventures will closely mimic standard runs, avoiding the use of GM buffs, resurrections, or spawns. This approach will yield useful data for improving dungeon balance.

    Each weekend, we'll post a poll with available days and a selection of dungeons. The most popular choices from each poll will dictate our schedule and the dungeons we conquer. Our ultimate goal is to conquer every dungeon out there!

    Stay tuned into our Discord for our upcoming polls and join us on these exciting dungeon expeditions!

  • NCE 2.5.468 - Redflash

    Created on 10/29/2023 3:38:28 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Decayed Horrors no longer become invincible to Energy & Xray damage (GitHub #10);
    • Fixed floating stairs at Avenger Mine (GitHub #6);
    • Fixed issue with Master Hunter Trophy script (GitHub #38);
    • Fixed issue with NCPD Implant Mission script;
    • Added new Event Boss NPCs;


    • Added new cosmetic model varients of Tank Power Armour;
    • Added new Item icons for Tank PA;
    • Improved several models (106 files), for example the Claw of the Lizard model;



    • Changed self-cast bonus so that it scales with the power of your shields (the better your shields are, the stronger the bonus that is applied);
    • Altered the base strength of all PADs in order to fit the new self-cast bonus and provide better progression through each tier;
    • Typical new strengths on self-cast:
      • Crahn 30-35%;
      • Blessed 40-45%;
      • Holy 49-54%;
      • Rare 75-80%;
    • Nerfed foreign cast strength by approx 4-5%;
    • PPU Boosters (Primes / Longs)
      • Increased total points given from Crahn Boosters by ~55%;
      • Increased total points given from Blessed Boosters by ~22%;
      • Mostly standardised the bonuses between Primary & Secondary skills;
      • Increased duration of Crahn & Blessed Boosters to 10 minutes;
    • Removed Hack malus from PSI Gloves;


    • Drasticaly increased the PSI cost of Damageboost; 
    • Standardised all hit chances to improve the hit registrations of some weapons such as laser, raygun, freezer, etc;
    • Generally decreased the time it takes for the aiming reticle to close;
      • Pistol = 1.1 to 1.0;
      • Rifle = 2.2 to 1.5;
      • Cannon = 3.3 to 2.0;
    • Altered the characteristics of some weapons to make them easier to use;
      • SWAT Pistol
        • Clip size: 16 to 24;
        • Burstsize: 1 to 3;
        • Freq: 92 to 126 (Freq you need to click is lower though due to the burst);
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM with +10% buff;
      • Judge
        • Clip size: 20 to 28;
        • Freq: 135 to 126;
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM;
      • Ionic Shotgun Rifle
        • Freq: 92 to 48;
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM;
      • Termi
        • Fixed AmmoUse 2 to 1;
        • Freq: 40 to 46;
        • Damage: Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM with +7%;
      • Rapture
        • Clipsize: 32 to 18;
        • Freq: 160 to 84;
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM;
      • Second love
        • Freq: 110 to 80;
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM +6%;
      • Ionic Shotgun Cannon
        • Freq: 50 to 43;
        • Damage: Adjusted to prechange DPM;

    Server & Client Updates

    • Code change to how self-cast modifier is calculated;
    • Fixed mouse wheel scroll in trader windows;
    • Bugfix in Decayed Horrors AI to stop them become invincible to Energy & Xray damage (GitHub #10);


    • Fixed the icon of Crahns Rejuvenation to show a heal icon rather than absorber;
    • Optimisation of many assets;
    • Improved Lizard Claw model;