• NCE 2.4.80 - Arillium

    Created on 21.06.2020 10:35:39 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Sarah Kocher (NCPD Run) is now asking for the correct drug;
    • The contents of Dr. Wulfram's belt are now respawning much faster;
    • The contents of Doc Pertken's belt are now respawning much faster;
    • Increased drop chances of the 'Sinusconnector';
    • Lowered Baserank requirements from 55 to 45 (WoC INT mission);
    • Increased the mission timer for the 'Freedom Fighter CPU'- run from 4 to 5 ingame days;

  • NCE 2.4.79 - Arillium

    Created on 19.06.2020 06:17:14 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "Pertken's Third Hand", which you can start in Tech Haven Sector 2*;
    • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "A vehicle is all I need", which you can start at Desert Racetrack;
    • Removed weather effect "Rain" from all Headquarters;
    • Altered loot in Mech Haven;
    • Altered Spawn in Mech Haven;
    • Altered Boss in Mech Haven;
    • You don't need a poker anymore to implant your tradeskill glove, just a 'Personal Implant Tool';
    • Stamina Booster v4 is now working as intended;

    *Only Constructor and Researcher can start this mission!

    • Balancing

    • Wisdom of Ceres Powerarmour
      • Lowered Resist;
      • Lowered Combatskills;
      • Changed the Monk malus from 'Agility' to 'Athletics';
      • Removed 'Athletics' malus from the Private Eye Powerarmour;
    • Multi Lightning PSI modules animation changed to match Multi Energy Bolt animation;

    Technical & Client Updates

    • Fixed a bug with 'Multi-Lightning Bolt' PSI modules which could lead to client freezes and crashes;

  • Server back online / Rollback

    Created on 10.06.2020 17:28:27 by NST

    Alright guys, time for some news regarding the current server situation. The recent outage was caused by a severe database crash during the backup process.

    Zoltan has worked very hard and finally managed to clean up the mess that caused the crash. So the good news is: The servers are up and running again!

    However, since the crash occured during the backup process, we had to face quite some corrupted data. We thus had to perform a complete, consistent and clean rollback to the latest functional backup. This backup reflects the state of June 7, 09:30 a.m. (CEST). As a consequence, everything that happened within the timeframe between the latest backup and the server outage is gone forever.

    We are very sorry that we could not give better news on this topic except that the servers are running again.

    However, since we can neither track nor account for lost items, player progress or any other unpleasant results from the data loss, we ask you to refrain from requesting any items, skillpoints, money, etc. that you think has fallen victim to the outage.

    In any case, we thank you for your continous encouragement and the trust you put in us. And last but not least, thank you for your understanding!

    Your Neocron Support Team