• NCE 2.5.369 - Redflash

    Created on 2/21/2023 6:29:38 AM by NST

    Gameworld & Content


    • NPC Spawn Points:
      • Lowered the number of mobs in each zone & increased the spread of spawns to eliminate / reduce double mobs on a single spawn point;
      • Tweaked some spawns to prevent excessive mob vs mob fighting;
      • Added Swamp Mage (required for the Swamp Pathfinder mission) to F03, G03 & G04;
      • Added more dead-drop locations (required for the Wasteland Pathfinder mission) to I06;
      • Added more dedicated Launchers spawns & and a terminal to the J01 bunker;
    • Outpost Changes:
      • A06 (Simmons) - Increased distance between the silos within the OP;
      • C09 (Krupp) - Added boxes behind hackterm for back access;
      • F11 (Devereux) - Removed trash cans obstructing shop entrance;
      • H09 (Malstrond) - Added more cover between UG & hackterm;
      • H15 (Soliko) - Added more cover between UG & hackterm;
      • I04 (Sieger) - Fixed "Out of reach" GoGo;
      • I08 (Avenger) - Boarded UG building windows for more cover as zoning up;
      • I11 (Tristar) - Redesigned OP to make a little harder to defend;
      • I11 (Tristar) - Removed 'Tech Door' worldmodel from tree;
      • I15 (Cajun) - Fixed "Out of reach" GoGo;
      • K04 (Rockshore) - Redesigned OP to make a little harder to defend;
      • K05 (Drakkhan) - Redesigned OP to make a little harder to defend;



    • Changed Cleanse DoT modules to be non-aggressive;
    • Cleanse Damageboost & Para left as aggressive as to not tempt unintended consequences in PvP;

    NPC Balance:

    • Health Pool (All NPCs)
      • Reduced the HP Scaling of all mid to high level mobs as their rank increases. This means that mid / higher level mobs have less HP then they used to and the higher their rank the more severe the HP reduction;
      • There are exceptions for some mobs such as glass cannons, event mobs, etc.;
    • NPC Damage (Wasteland NPCs)
      • Average damage output of ~160 wasteland mobs rebalanced, and more tightly tied to their TL;
      • Most mobs have had damage reductions, unless they were already outputting less damage than intended (these got a buff instead). The average for the damage reductions is a -21%;
    • NPC QoL
      • Humanoid based NPCs who wield the Rocket Launcher can now aim properly but do increased damage to drones (Doom Harbinger, Ceres War Heavy Infanty, etc.);
      • Given force immunity to NPCs who have a stomp attack;
      • Equipped melee Cyborg GD103 in Mech Haven & Cyborg GD305 in DoY Sidestreets with fusion pistols;
      • Reduced range of NPC Shotgun by -20%;
      • Reduced range of NPC Gatlin Rifle by -15%;
      • Increased rank of several dungeon bosses from 120 - 124 to reflect their seniority;
      • Increased size of smallest El Farid scorpion models to make them a little easier to target;
      • Increased size of Little Bastard model size so it's not as much of a troll npc in Mutant OPs;
      • Reduced size of all Desert Lizards models;
      • Spawning of baby mobs deactivated on Grassland Spiders & Sand Scorpions;
      • Wasteland Plants accuracy increased so they should register more hits against you (damage balanced accordingly);

    Player Balance:

    • Resist point strength buffed by ~ 13%;
      • This result changes the previous nerf from being a -20% nerf to a -10% nerf from the original 2.5 values where Tanks and PEs were very strong;
    • Stealth Delay Timing Update:
      • Stealthtool (Jones) unchanged at 4 seconds;
      • Stealth Activator I changed from 4 to 3 seconds;
      • Stealth Activator II changed from 4 to 3.5 seconds;
      • Stealth Activator III unchanged at 4 seconds;
      • Obilterator changed from 5 to 6 seconds;

    Server & Client Updates

    • Fixed an issue with "Wave-spawns";
    • Fixed GravLift speed;
    • Fixed an issue with the Config-window (Anisotropy level can be adjusted again);


    • Added re-mastered Subway-train;
    • Added re-mastered "Doy Door";
    • Added re-mastered Decals:
      • Text Decal "text_bg";
      • Monitor-frame Decal;
      • Welcome to the Zoo 1;
      • Welcome to the Zoo 2;
      • Visit the Zoo;
    • Updated textures, fixed several issues and compiled a new .BSP:
      • Outzone: Subway-Station;
      • Subway;
      • Fortress Outpost buildings;
      • Factory Outpost buildings;
      • Mine Outpost buildings;
      • Lab Outpost buildings;
    • Re-compiled Pepper Park Sector 1 to get in line with Subway changes;
    • Re-compiled Pepper Park Sector 2 to get in line with Subway changes;
    • Re-compiled Pepper Park Sector 3 to get in line with Subway changes;

  • Get some XP!

    Created on 2/11/2023 9:01:33 AM by NST

    Synaptic Impairment (SI) will be gone 9 times quicker;

    Double XP is active;

    [ENDING tomorrow morning, 12.02.2023]

  • NCE 2.5.351 - Redflash (Titan)

    Created on 1/20/2023 12:20:09 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Altered Spawns in the High Level Area "MC5", to fight the Commander you have to play 3 waves (third wave is the Commander);
    • Fixed an issue with the Season reward Script;

    Server & Client Updates

    • Enhanced Eespawn and GeneReplicator window for larger font sizes;
    • Added a new Config manager (YAML based):
      • It will be easier to handle new options. The anisotropic setting in the options window is dysfunctional;
      • Commands:
        • /config [to get all Options]
        • /config option.name [to get Info about a specific Option]
        • /config option.name value [to set an Option. Typically it is applied instantly - Options are saved every 30 sec]
    • “engine.vsync” can disable vertical sync now;
    • “engine.texfil” configures the texture filtering;


    • Updated textures, fixed several issues and compiled a new .BSP:
      • Pepper Park Sector 1;
      • Pepper Park Sector 2;
      • Pepper Park Sector 3;
    • Updated texture for the NExT Assault 4WD Chaincraft 'Reveler' (Epic Item);