• Patch R224

    Created on 12.07.2017 11:59:47


    • Stealth bug fixed by rewriting the entire client-server-sync code for effects


    • "Truesight Sanctum" has an increased tickrate and range
    • "Provoke enemy" is now working as intended
    • "Distract mind" is now working as intended

  • Patch R223

    Created on 12.07.2017 11:51:11


    • A bug was fixed that leads to a crash when using multi lightning bolts or multi energy bolts
    • Network update tickrates increased


    • The Missiontext for the "NCPD has an eye on you" Mission was updated (Mission 3).

  • Patch R219-222

    Created on 12.07.2017 12:00:14

    Client / Server

    • General stability updates for the client and server
    • Fixed a bug causing wrong default values for some gameplay settings - this should resolve the "standing still" bug.