• NCE 2.5.50 - Redflash

    Created on 11/15/2021 1:50:51 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Increased XP rewards of all JobCenter and Newbie MC5 Missions;
    • Lowered the needed amount of rareparts Jessica wants (JobCenter Mission);
    • Added a new "Aggressor" Dungeon (The Pit, Plaza Sector 3);
    • Assigned Phari (wandering NPC, Plaza Sector 1) a new AI script;
    • Fixed incorrect F8 Text (Rapture Mission, NPC Wieland);
    • Copbots had a special training and learned how to aim;

  • NCE 2.5.43 - Redflash

    Created on 11/4/2021 4:35:33 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Finster (G08) was able to afford his own tower;
    • Altered Spidercave spawn;
      • Teaminvite should work again;
      • Spiders are not invincible anymore;

    Technical & Client Updates

    • Reverted the latest FoV changes to the old FoV-state;
    • Fixed an issue where items lost more condition (during the repair process) than intended;
    • COP AI-script can now be parameterized to make it non-aggressive;

  • Trick or Treat?

    Created on 10/31/2021 2:49:34 PM by NST

    Travel from door to door, to collect some sweets!

    Synaptic Impairment (SI) will be gone 9 times quicker today!

    [ENDING tomorrow morning, 01.11.2021]