• Get your symp straight!

    Created on 1/15/2022 8:53:43 AM by NST

    According to runner reports, missions currently give twice the amount of sympathy!

    On top of that, the NCPD activated a second safe slot!

    [ENDING tomorrow morning, 16.01.2022]

  • PTS Update 2.5.98

    Created on 1/12/2022 8:52:01 PM by NST

    Technical & Client Updates

    • complete rewrite of virtual file system layer

  • Drugs are bad, mmm'kay?

    Created on 1/9/2022 8:38:59 AM by NST

    You may want to try some pills today, Black Dragon dealer reported all pills are giving twice the amount you normally get! 

    [ENDING tomorrow morning, 10.01.2022]