UPDATE R#24 - T#233

Created on 01.10.2018 13:09:45 by NST

Gameworld & Content : Starter Gear and Skills

  • Droner will start without a drone - they receive a coupon which they can redeem at the exit door (1st start room -> Main Unit)*;
  • The first starter Drone is not stackable anymore;

* This change was necessary due to a bug related to starter drones.

NOTE: Please test and give us your feedback!

UPDATE R#23 - T#194-209

Created on 14.09.2018 09:21:59 by NST

Gameworld & Content : Starter Gear and Skills

  • all classes/professions updated with new starter items and skills

Please test and give us your feedback!

UPDATE R#20 - T#192-194

Created on 05.08.2018 11:10:34 by NST

Gameworld & Content : Jobcenter

  • Added Reward NPC for daily missions;
  • Added some more decoration to the Jobcenter;
  • [PTS ONLY!] Daily reset is now every hour (if you have accomplished the last mission);

UPDATE R#20 - T#191

Created on 29.07.2018 09:03:33 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Rewards for new Terminal missions adjusted;
  • deleted test weapon;

Update R#20 - T#190

Created on 22.07.2018 17:46:38 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Rewards for new Terminal missions adjusted;
  • The missionlog should clear itself after accomplishing a mission;

Update R#20 - T#189

Created on 20.07.2018 07:05:01 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added 5 new (very hard) Terminal missions for each faction to the game;

Update R#20 - T#188

Created on 18.07.2018 20:21:12 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Subway
    • Grounded floating actors;
    • Added Exitsigns to Plaza and Pepper Park Station;
    • Plaza Station is now more safe - a new CopBot is on patrol;
  • Outzone / Crahn Epic
    • Raymon moved to a new (near) location - He should not get stuck between boxes after you killed him;
  • Clan Arrows
    • Clan Arrows should be active again;


  • Added new Subway Trafficsystem Decals to the game;

Update R#20 - T#182-187

Created on 15.07.2018 15:16:28 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added a reset function for daily missions;
  • Grounded floating actors (trees, boxes etc.) in all A and B wasteland-sectors;
    • Corrected wrong GR models (to the dirty version) in those sectors;
    • Altered spawn;
    • Changed spawn routes: roads are "safe" now;
  • Altered spawn in J 01;
    • Grounded floating actors in J 01;
  • Added GenRep to K15 (Escador Oasis);
    • Grounded floating actors in K15;

Update R#10-13 - T#169-181

Created on 04.07.2018 20:48:26 by NST


  • Compiler optimizations rollback;
  • Internal server fixes;