PTS Update (27/04/2024)

Created on 4/27/2024 7:20:30 PM by NST

General Information

When you're having a black screen, when starting the PTS Client, close it and set a resolution first (There is a settings option within the Launcher)!

Please test and give us your feedback, thanks!

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed typo in the BioTech Epic script;


  • Plasma Rifle damage: -4%
  • Plasma Rifle Clip size: 36 -> 30
  • Plasma Ammo weight: 0.46 -> 0.39

Server & Client Updates

  • Fixed Team/Clan tag health bar bleed (GitHub Issue #35);
  • Edited Bar colours to turn yellow/read earlier. They currently turn late and are not super useful;
    • Fixed minor colour display bug;
  • Slightly lowered the local player list collection time;
  • Fixed bug in local player detection which may cause players to not appear on local list;
  • GenRep Changes: 
    • Added sort asc/desc toggle. This feature uses the existing move gr up/down messages with an index of 0;
    • Combined the two GR BMPs into one;
    • Fixed bug where GR activation button toggled;
    • Fixed bug where GR selection is reset on scroll;
    • ! If you're using a custom HUD, adjust your BMP or use the original !
  • Enhanced the NavRay to support NPC searches;
  • Fixed spam when you buy stacks of something. Now it just says once that you bought it, and the total amount;
  • Fixed container window item alignment (GoGu, cabinet, etc.);
  • Fixed more click issues on zone reset (i.e. can't right click on an item after zone reset);
  • Fixed issue with last GR on the list always showing as unactivated;
  • Fixed issue with 3rd Clan hack blocking;
  • Added "You do not have enough money" message when you attempt to make a purchase without having enough nc; 
  • Added more robust logic for slot text filtering on vendor window (i.e. now includes all languages);
  • Fixed server side exception when throwing items on the ground;
  • Removed ImGui-demo;
  • Fixed an issue with lead to crashes, when using Holy Restoration;