NCE 2.3.42 - Coco Candy

Created on 16.04.2019 21:13:32 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed a typo in the "NCPD Manhunt" script;
  • Storage Cell Apartment (DRE Epic Reward)
    • Fixed wrong spawn point - You're now spawning in front of the apartment when you login;
    • Added GR;
    • Grounded floating actors;
    • Clipping decal fixed;
  • Fixed a typo in a dummy script (it's now business, instead of busines);
  • Fixed a typo in the item description of Duranium Armour (it's now standard, instead of standar);
  • Fixed wrong F8 Text for the WoC Mission "Warbots Bane" - It's now showing the correct amount of targets to kill;
  • Fixed a typo in the "Warbots Bane" script;
  • Fixed wording for "Hint of the Day" ("De-implanting");
  • Optimized Attachposition of Freezer weapons;
  • Added 21 new Hint's of the Day (Login Screen);
  • All Faction Supply and Resource Supply managers have taken a re-training course in runner faction relations awareness.


  • Heavy Armorsuit Tangent V M-13A : STR modifier is now, as intented, 2, not 22


  • Added new a new decoration item for the Gameworld Editor (dead Camo Tank);
  • Added new icon for RG Drones;
  • Added new icon for SFA, FA, SFC and MR Drones;

Technical & Client Updates

  • AI Scripting improved;
  • Added new Bossmechanics;
  • Added new AI Scripts;
  • Fixed an issue with vanishing NPCs;