NCE 2.5.101-105 - Redflash

Created on 4/25/2021 2:18:37 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Updated OZ 1 Storage to adhere to new levelling scheme;
  • C06: Fixed the red cubes & some clipping objects;
  • B07: Fixed some clipping objects;
  • J10: Removed the box from infront of the gogo & spread more scorpion spawns around the zone;
  • K10: Fixed some clipping objects;
  • K13: Fixed some clipping objects;
  • Grave: Added blockages to guide players around the dungeon;
  • Spider Cave: Updated mob spawn patterns, locations and behaviours;
  • Spider Cave: Closed more safe spots;
  • Spider Cave: Added an exit to the cave in the boss room;
  • Fixed German F8 text of the Tamara Job Centre mission to point to right location;
  • Fixed Pathfinders J05 script so that if the attack fails you don't need to get more intel;
  • Fixed Pathfinders C08 script NPCID bug;
  • Fixed Pathfinders C08 F8 text not showing location of miles;
  • Fixed SWAT Rifle ammo mods missing from A&W vendors;
  • Fixed a inconsistency in text.ini;
  • 'Battle Church': Removed a safepot;
  • 'El Farid': Lowered DMG Output from the new Scorpions and lowered their spawnchance;
  • Fixed incorrect selling price for the 'Stun Turret';
  • The Tsunami FSM got a delivery with new stuff, you can now buy several new pictures there;

Balancing - General

  • Added PSN immunity to Spider Cave mobs;
  • Mosquito Dmg reduced by 40%;
  • Mosquito anti-heal effect slowed from 4-> 8 seconds;
  • Mosquito total ammo reduced from 200 -> 40 shots;
  • Drone HP reduced by approx 25%;
  • Drone distance from body range reduced by approx 40%;
  • Fixed ranges that didn't fit the modules types progression (e.g. where blessed has better range then rare);
  • APU Lance range decreased by 19%;
  • APU Lance damage decreased by 18%;
  • Pistol range increased by 18%;
  • Increased the time for reticle to lock for rifles and heavy cannons slightly (to extenuate pistols advantage in aiming);
  • Improved the reticle lock speed but reduced the range of shotgun type weapons;
  • Improved the reticle lock speed of sniper rifles (SH variants and Ronin);

Balancing & Content Changes - Hacknet

  • Balanced Shield software;
  • Balanced Attack software;
  • Added a small XRAY DoT to Attack software;
  • Balanced Heal software;
  • Balanced Mob HP and Damage;
  • Attached several new AI scripts to different Hacknet Mobs;
  • Altered Skill influences: Resists (Resists are now more important);
  • Increased Stamina pool for HN Chars;
  • Added TL 10 Heal software to the Jones Hacker reward;
  • Reduced HP of the Phoenix CPU;
  • Moved the Phoenix CPU closer to the center of the map;
  • Replaced the "Entry/-Exitpoint" in the Phoenix room;
  • Increased DMG Output from the Phoenix CPU;
  • Increased the radius the Phoenix CPU can "see" and shoot you;
  • Increased the DMG Output from the Phoenix CPU (regarding its different stages of attacks);
  • Added 'Outpost Security' NPCs to every Hacknet OP sector;
  • Added 'Outpost Security' Turrets to the Phoenix DB;
  • Moved the entry point from every Hacknet OP sector to another location;
  • Enabled 'Auto Logout, when AFK' and 'Spawn at Resetpoint, when Login' to all Hacknet OP sectors;
  • Increased the efficiency of Phoenix Mods (you can have artifact Hacknet software now);
  • Fixed incorrect Node with the Phoenix DB: It's now talking about Codebreaker Mark 7, instead of Mark 6;
  • Moved some spawns in the Tech Haven Bridge sector and created new spawnpoints for the 'Ping of Death';
  • Deactivated "Helpcall" (Corrupt ICMP Ping Packet v4.3.3);

Technical & Client Updates

  • Removed extra logging from previous BWD analysis;

NCE 2.5.100 - Redflash

Created on 4/3/2021 4:36:53 PM

As a team, the NST have been busily working away in the background not only on more content, as well as some minor modifications to existing mobs, but also, a potential fix on the stability knocking Bad World Data. Once applied, please continue to report any BWDs via our Discord channels. 

Gameworld & Content

  • Lowered HP and DMG Output of the new Scorpions in El Farid (Level 2)
  • Lowered the Spawnchance of the new Scorpions in El Farid (Level 2)
  • Adjusted Spawns in the Spidercave
  • Kitty Galore is no longer stuck in the GoGuardian near by
  • Fixed broken WoC scripts (French client)
  • Crahn Epic - Fixed an incorrect node in mission 3: Mark Cole had sent people to the wrong sector to find Maxime (Viarosso Sec 3, instead of Sector 2)
  • Updated the spawn mechanics inside Grave dungeon
  • Fixed ammo packet sizes for Raygun and Plasma Rifles
  • C09 - Removed boxes near the Underground
  • F11 (Dev Fort) & F12 (Cycrow Lab) - Closed wall hitbox gaps
  • I06 - Spread more Dead Drops across the zone but mutant presence has also increased
  • K16 - Removed a lone DoY Guard
  • Dead Drop model size reduced


  • Changed Ion Blaster HEW drones from ENR + XRY -> ENR + FIR
  • Various weapon balance changes;
    • Buff - Anarchist
    • Buff - Energy Ball
    • Buff - Energy Ball
    • Buff - Energy Beam
    • Buff - Energy Bolt
    • Buff - Energy Halo
    • Buff - Energy Lance
    • Buff - Fire Ball
    • Buff - Fire Barrel
    • Buff - Fire Halo
    • Buff - Fire Lance
    • Buff - Freezer Pistol
    • Buff - Frozen Barrel
    • Buff - Frozen Bolt
    • Buff - Frozen Halo
    • Buff - Frozen Lance
    • Buff - Fusion Cannon
    • Buff - Gatling Cannon
    • Buff - Gatling Pistol
    • Buff - Gatling Rifle
    • Buff - Ionic Shotgun Cannon
    • Buff - Laser Cannon
    • Buff - Lighting Bolt
    • Buff - MIRL-600 Warhammer
    • Buff - Multi Energy Bolt
    • Buff - Multi Lightning Bolt
    • Buff - Plasma Cannon
    • Buff - Psi Attack
    • Buff - Raygun Cannon
    • Buff - Rocket Launcher
    • Buff - Rocket Launcher Pistol
    • Buff - Submachinegun (Libby, etc)
    • Buff - Toxic Ball
    • Buff - Toxic Barrel
    • Buff - Toxic Halo
    • Buff - Toxic Lance
    • Nerf - (WoC) Claw
    • Nerf - Baseball Bat
    • Nerf - Choas Queen Ava
    • Nerf - Electro Shocker
    • Nerf - Energy Ball Blast
    • Nerf - Fire Ball Blast
    • Nerf - Fire Beam
    • Nerf - Flamethrower
    • Nerf - Freezer Cannon
    • Nerf - Freezer Rifle
    • Nerf - Frozen Ball
    • Nerf - Frozen Ball Blast
    • Nerf - Frozen Beam
    • Nerf - Fusion Rifle
    • Nerf - Grenade Launcher
    • Nerf - Grenades (Frag)
    • Nerf - Grenades (Incendiary)
    • Nerf - Laser Rifle
    • Nerf - Plasma Wave Cannon
    • Nerf - Pump Action Shotgun
    • Nerf - Rapture
    • Nerf - Raygun Pistol
    • Nerf - Raygun Rifle
    • Nerf - SWAT Pistol
  • TLDR: Pistols & APU buffed, Rifle nerfed.

Technical & Client Updates

  • Workaround for BWD added
  • Potential BWD root issue fixed

NCE 2.5.99 - Redflash

Created on 3/22/2021 7:11:12 PM

Bit of a quick update this evening just to avoid some potential problems. A few backend tweaks, but we've still added plenty of noticeable stuff for you Runners! Details below!

As usual, any problems; Let us know via Discord or Twitter.

Gameworld & Content

  • Added improved LoM pills (65% less XP loss) - You can buy those in the Canyon, Plaza Sector 1 and Military Base
  • Added Rapture ammo and ammo mods to ammo vendors
  • Added new decals and decorations to Military Base Sector 1 and 2 and grounded floating actors
  • Altered the itemplan (the stuff you need to CST it) for Turrets
  • K15 - Moved 44th squad into a building and cleared more spawns around their new location
  • K15 - Moved some of the Nomad Traders to ensure they always spawn
  • K15 - Fixed floating/clipping actors
  • Reduced time taken for Mutant Deaddrop to refill in I06
  • Fixed the short names for Xbow ammo packets
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Easy) - Iguanas replaced with level appropriate Creepers and Gnawers
  • TG Easy Quick Kill Missions for Iguanas replaced with relevant Creeper and Gnawer
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Normal) - Scorpions replaced with level appropriate Spiders (the Tunnel (Normal) spawns remain as Scorpions)
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Hard) - Spawn chance increased for Giant Scorpions and lowered for Big Scorpions'


  • Added remastered Military Base Sectors
  • Added remastered Military Base Apartments
  • Added remastered Military Base Bunker


  • Fixed Medium Carbonsilk Underarmour
  • Fixed Blessed Spirit Boots
  • Nerfed Rapture to account for its "double" damage - a temporary fix whilst the issue is investigated
  • Re-added the Class=Tank requirement to "Tank" Power Armours
  • Decreased the requirement & TL for PE DEX based PAs V-1 from 75 -> 70
  • Drones dealing AoE have reduced HP by 20%
  • Drones dealing damage to single targets have reduced HP by 10%
  • Reduced recoil on Sniper Rifle and Marksman Rifle by 25%

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed potential issue with some loot tables
  • Fixed potential issue related to bad world data
  • Improved 'LoM' code - We're now able to scale the XP loss


NCE 2.5.97>98 - Redflash

Created on 3/14/2021 8:53:40 PM

Following on from our previous update, we were made aware of a technical issue with new installations of the game client from the launcher.

This update is a re-release of the 2.5.94>96, in order to resolve the issues that were raised. Nothing else has gone into this update that you don't already know, but below is a brief summary of what we have done regarding the client installations.

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed missing files such as "FreeImage.dll" and "lua.dll" with new installs
  • Due to an issue with new installations of Neocron, this patch is a re-issue of 2.5.94-96.
  • The model cache was reset with this patch.

NCE 2.5.94-96 - Redflash

Created on 3/12/2021 7:18:55 PM

More updates tonight! Just in time for a weekend of Neocron! Get patched up, and get playing!

Oh, and don't forget to give us some feedback on the new El Farid! If you haven't seen it on our PTS, you'll want to go and check it out!!

Don't forget to come and join us on Discord, or shout us @Twitter if there are any problems! See below for the Update Notes.

Gameworld & Content

  • Mine Traders are now selling REC Fluid, as intended
  • Grounded floating actors, and removed obstructions in I08
  • Re-added Swamp Warrior to spawn list
  • Re-added /112 Hoverbot to spawn list
  • Updated daily mission script to reflect soil samples drop from both Swamp Warrior and Big Swamp Warrior
  • Adjusted Soil Sample drop rate based on mob rank
  • Fixed an issue with the Area MC5 Hercules CPU Implant, which was only implantable to the 3rd brain slot (now working on every brain slot again)
  • Increased drop rate of Soulcluster essence
  • Normalized Outpost Trader prices
  • Outpost Traders now sell Hightech Rifle Ammunition
  • Fixed the German description for the Condor Glider, it now shows the correct ammunition you need


  • Rebuilt the El Farid dungeon from scratch and compiled a new .BSP
  • Added remastered desert buildings


  • Added a new door sound for the El Farid dungeon


  • Rebalanced Swamp Warrior to suitable Health and Damage for their new /80 rank
  • Fixed Piercing resist on Medium Carbonsilk Underwear
  • Fixed Xray resist on Medium Argentiferous Underwear
  • Corrected Force resist bonus on Yellow Dragon drugs
  • Corrected bonus values for Havenin-Forte and Havenin X-Forte

Technical & Client Updates

  • The current Bad World Data fix has been regressed to allow further investigations.
  • Further code instrumentation and logging on the server to help and track down the current stability issues.
  • Fixed an issue with researching A-Parts, you're now able to research those parts.

NCE 2.5.93 - Redflash

Created on 3/6/2021 4:33:22 PM

Another week in, another amazing amount of feedback given to us regarding the big 2.5 Update! 

We've listened, and our latest update has been applied with the following updates made. Enjoy!

Gameworld & Content

  • You can tag the GeneReplicator in the Tangent Technologies HQ again
  • You can tag the GeneReplicator in the Diamond Real Estates HQ again
  • Changed the needed item from "Cyber Scan GPU v3" to "Cyber Scan GPU v1" for the Antique Heist mission (REC recipe)
  • Fixed incorrect script node, Tracy Callahan should now talk to you and let you proceed to Detective Noah
  • Reduced the number of items dropping from a Bloodviper King kill
  • Grounded floating tree in I16
  • Grounded floating actors in the Main Unit (Newie MC5)
  • Adjusted size and angle of the new entrance door (Newbie MC5)
  • Adjusted size and angle of the new entrance door (MilitaryBase Sector 1)
  • Increased in-game mission-timer for the NCPD Run (from 2 days, up to 7)
  • Increased in-game mission-timer for all Rapture Missions (from 4 days, up to 7)
  • Increased in-game mission-timer for the Canyon Challenge Run (from 4 days, up to 7)
  • Increased in-game mission-timer for the Tactical Mercenary Run (from 5 days, up to 7)
  • Removed several obstructions and floating actors in C11
  • Pathfinder NPCs now have the correct name (Soldier, instead of Solider)
  • Added space after "constructed by"
  • Mr. Cook will now drop Valadium every time he dies
  • The corpse NPC in Tech Haven Sec 1 is not talking anymore
  • The corpse NPC in the Tech Haven Energy Core 1 is not talking anymore
  • The CityTerminal in the DRE HQ is no longer a chair
  • Max spawns reduced and moved apart in K15
  • Added Jamie McCruel (WoC 3 Run) permanently to the Ceres Temple


  • Reduced the shooting range of NPCs which use pistols, rifles, cannons or APU modules
  • Reduced damage of fusion rifles
  • Reduced movement malus on broken legs
  • Fixed incorrect values on Rigger Combat Suit v-4
  • Fixed incorrect values on Assassination Battle Suit v-2
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Genotoxic Crawlers
  • Increased the damage dealt by Genotoxic Nightmare
  • Reduced the damage dealt by El Farid Scorpions
  • Increased the damage dealt by the Grave Snakes
  • Reduced recoil on rifles and cannon with burst sizes of 2 or higher

Technical & Client Updates

  • Server code updates for Bad World Data. Please note: The NST will keep this fix under review, and may regress this change if required. There may be further code updates for Bad World Data
  • Log entries in files are now timestamped
  • Error log files now have a date in the filename and a random ID. e.g. `error_YYYYMMDD_ID_.log`
  • Code for weather selection fixed


NCE 2.5.90>92 - Redflash

Created on 2/23/2021 6:22:24 PM

Keeping the momentum going, our team have already got a couple of updates that have hit Titan tonight!

It's not as extensive as the 2.5 Update Notes, so no PDF this time! Back to our usual delivery method on this post.

As usual, any problems/questions/queries/bugs - Please contact a member of the NST via Twitter or Discord.

Gameworld & Content

  • Faction HQ GeneReps are now working again
  • Fixed misspelled part in the "Trader PA" mission script
  • High-level DoY Units now drop "Rivets"
  • Geordi (Newbie MC5) is now accepting the correct Weaponparts for the PSI weapon
  • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Jonathan)
  • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Eli)
  • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Laura)
  • Eli (Job Centre) is now pointing to the correct Follow-NPC (Jonathan, instead of Julian)
  • Galahan Spangler is now visible again (Viarosso Sec 1)
  • Fixed spelling mistake (Liar -> Lair) for the new Bat Queen Bones
  • Added some "Piles of Glass" to Plaza Sector 2
  • Altered Glass Hitbox
  • MB Sector 1: Grounded floating actors and renewed several decals
  • MB Sector 1: Added shop signs
  • Added short name to the Antigamma Leg ("BTL")
  • Corrected short name of Cryton's Damaged Legbone (CL -> CDL)
  • Fixed incorrect item description of "Advanced Tactical Mercenary CPU"
  • Updated the item description of the DoY Repair Coordination Eye to reflect the new malus
  • Added information to REC-, CST- and Research Terminal missions, so you know who you have to talk with
  • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V1 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V1
  • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V2 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V2
  • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V3 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V3


  • Added missing .BSP file for the "Antique Heist" Apartment
  • Added recompiled BSP for the "Battlechurch" map (Fixed possible safe-spots)


  • Increased damage of Crystal Cave Queen
  • Increased damage of Genotoxic Nightmare
  • Increased damage of Big Swamprider
  • Increased damage of Grim Persecutor
  • Decreased damage of DoY Superwarrior Major
  • Increased PSI cost of Holy Antibuff 10 -> 200
  • Updated TL and requirement of Neural Advancement V2 36 -> 35
  • Updated TL and requirement of Coordination Advancement V2 36 -> 35
  • Updated TL and requirement of Crahn PSI Experience Memory Alpha V2 36 -> 35
  • Updated TL and requirement of Enhanced Physics CPU V2 36 -> 35
  • Updated TL and requirement of Enhanced Physics CPU V2 36 -> 35

NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash

Created on 2/21/2021 3:11:01 PM by Kronos

Well, what can we say. The initial receivership of this massive update is amazing! Thank you to you all for your continued support. Without you, there is no Neocron!

Firstly, I apologise for not getting these update notes out sooner. You'll understand why shortly!

Secondly, due to the sheer quantity of notes, we're not posting them directly on here. We're providing a link to a PDF for you to view/download at your leisure. 

Please, take your time reading them, there are a lot of changes, and it DOES all make sense! 

As usual, if there are any glaring errors, then do let us know via Twitter or Discord.

NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash - Update Notes

NCE 2.4.85 - Arillium

Created on 1/22/2021 9:39:45 PM

We've just deployed the latest update to the Neocron Evolution Servers. Mostly a backend update, but this should hopefully provide a bit more stability against a recent spate of Bad World Data(BWD's) within the game. 

As usual, we ask you to always let us know by our official communication channels if there are problems. Preferably via Twitter or Discord.  

Patch Notes;

Gameworld & Content

  • NExT have impounded the illegal sleighs left by S.A.N.T.A BOT

Technical & Client Updates

  • Added extra server monitoring to investigate recent bad world errors.
  • If you get a bad world error please report it to the NST with the sector name.

NCE 2.4.84 - Arillium

Created on 1/6/2021 11:13:31 AM by NST


  • S.A.N.T.A BOT left town;
  • Removed XMAS decorations;
  • Weather control changed the weather pattern to 'normal' and has deactivated snow;