NCE 2.5.351 - Redflash (Titan)

Created on 1/20/2023 12:20:09 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Altered Spawns in the High Level Area "MC5", to fight the Commander you have to play 3 waves (third wave is the Commander);
  • Fixed an issue with the Season reward Script;

Server & Client Updates

  • Enhanced Eespawn and GeneReplicator window for larger font sizes;
  • Added a new Config manager (YAML based):
    • It will be easier to handle new options. The anisotropic setting in the options window is dysfunctional;
    • Commands:
      • /config [to get all Options]
      • /config [to get Info about a specific Option]
      • /config value [to set an Option. Typically it is applied instantly - Options are saved every 30 sec]
  • “engine.vsync” can disable vertical sync now;
  • “engine.texfil” configures the texture filtering;


  • Updated textures, fixed several issues and compiled a new .BSP:
    • Pepper Park Sector 1;
    • Pepper Park Sector 2;
    • Pepper Park Sector 3;
  • Updated texture for the NExT Assault 4WD Chaincraft 'Reveler' (Epic Item);