NCE 2.5.306 - Redflash (Titan)

Created on 10/26/2022 8:13:20 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added additional Monk Power Armour as a cosmetic choice;
  • Added missing trophies back into the world:
    • Added "Drom Carcass" to Mutated Drom;
    • Added "Floating Jelly Carcass" to Swamp Slimeworm;
    • Added "Fierce Glider Carcass" to Swamp Glider;
    • Added new Mob Swamp Glider and incorporated into Swamp Slimeworm spawn with a 50/50 chance;


  • Increased strength of PPU self-cast modifier (PPU is now stronger than before the resist changes to reflect higher damages);
  • Reduced Resurrection cast times:
    • Holy Resurrection cast time from 60 -> 40;
    • Blessed Resurrection cast time from 90 -> 60;
    • Crahn Resurrection cast time from 120 -> 80;
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could not effectively target Soulclusters;
  • Reduced size of the higher TL Soulclusters (this may allow easier casting in smaller spaces);
  • Slighty adjusted the Damage Output of the MC5 Commander and his Security Guards;


  • Our Community member Tealc re-designed the Monk Power Armour!
    • Added new Monk Power Armour item-icons;
    • Added new Monk Power Armour models;
  • Our Community member Zeryu re-designed the Doomreaper Family!
    • Added new Grim Chaser model;
    • Added new Doomreaper model;
    • Added new Small Reaper model;
    • Updated Grim Chaser Trophy;
    • Updated Master Trophy No. 2;
  • Added new Grim Chaser Trophy item-icon;
  • Added new Grim Chaser Carcass item-icon;
  • Added new Master Trophy No. 2 item-icon;
  • Updated textures, fixed several issues and compiled a new .BSP:
    • Brotherhood of Crahn Headquarters;
    • Black Dragon Headquarters;
    • Tsunami Syndicate Headquarters;
    • Pepper Park Apartment, Level 1
    • Pepper Park Apartment, Level 2
    • Pepper Park Apartment, Level 3
    • Pepper Park Clan-Apartment;
    • Club Veronique;