NCE 2.4.64-65 - Arillium

Created on 4/26/2020 4:01:17 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Altered Spawn in D05;
  • Altered Loot in D05;
  • Added some new level Mobs in D05 for low level Character;
  • Added some decorations to D05;
  • Grounded floating actors in D05;
  • Added new Terminal missions;
  • Reduced the number of trader in (Newb) Area MC5;
  • Trader in (Newb) Area MC5 are now just selling stuff you can use at this level;
  • Assigned the correct AI script to one NPC in Outzone Sector 1;

Technical & Client Updates

  • /sex @rubber-band;
  • New mode implemented: 'Borderless';
  • New mode implemented: 'Borderless Fullscreen';