NCE 2.4.50 - Coco Candy

Created on 21.12.2019 09:09:57 by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • The server is now loading Textresources properly;
  • Improved Client-stability;
  • Improved Server-stability; 
  • Enhanced Logging; 
  • Fixed Server deadlock;

Gameworld & Content

  • Removed Dummy NPC in the Swamp Cave Dungeon;
  • Removed Dummy NPC in the Viper King Grave Dungeon;
  • Ceres Decryption Module is now dropping as intended;
  • Altered Loot in the new Dungeon "Baneful Spider Cave";
  • Fixed wrong destination in the F8 text of the new mission "Money Man";
  • Added a new daily mission in front of the new Cave;
  • Fixed incorrect AI script (NPC at Plaza Sector 1);


  • Added new Mission-icons;
  • Added new Quad-wheels*;

* This already came with 2.4, but was missing in the notes!