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Danger in the Main Sewer

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by Gore Brunelli

Biotech released a statement today advising caution to all runners travelling around the Main Sewer area. In recent weeks a Biotech Survey team entered the Main Sewer area to gather toxicology reports on the water down there. When another reporter at the press conference asked what a company like Biotech would want with an old sewer pipe he was politely told that it was corporate business and therefore none of his concern. From speaking to several sources I have within Biotech it seems that they are interested in the levels of toxins for use in further implant research. My source spoke on condition of anonymity of course but speculation is growing that Biotech might be developing some new line of implants.

I put this question to the spokesperson and was told that Biotech simply wished to harden its implants against the environmental effects suffered by runners in the wastelands.

The spokesperson went on to say that the team had encountered particularly ferocious giant rats in the sewers and there seemed to be an abundance of Mutant Aggressors also. Luckily the scientists had taken the necessary precautions of having a close protection element with them to carry out their work but they wished to make it known to the general public that greater care should be taken if the need arose to enter the sewers.

When asked if Biotech would be subcontracting any missions of this sort to other runners of other factions the spokesperson coldly replied that Biotech would not seek to engage with runners from outside its own faction and therefore no contracts would be offered. However the individual did seem to sneer a little after advising that City Admin would probably offer a generous bounty as "after all, they need the money now don't they" I quote.

Gore Burnelli


Neocron President assassinated!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by Gore Brunelli

Dear Runners.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Jack Red. He was killed on the steps of the City Administration HQ, the very building he worked tirelessly in; by a cruel and heartless murderer answering to the name of Alex Mendez.

Since the fatal night the City Administration building has remained summarily tight-lipped and resolute in its grief but today we must appeal to you the citizens of Neocron for help. The ongoing investigation has drawn few leads. Alex Mendez has become a ghost in the network. Noone has seen or heard from him. The City Admin have exhausted every lead and explored every nook and cranny of Neocron City, indeed in recent days brave runners of the Last Generation clan have forged on into the Twilight Guardian's own backyard and fought a vicious and bloody battle there in order to glean more information on this traitorous dog.

Alas it is to no avail. Therefore we must appeal to you for calm, vigilance and peace in these tragic times. It has been deemed appropriate by an already stretched NCPD to throw open this investigation to the Runners of Neocron's great and glorious factions. The Storm Bots alone cannot cope and so now the decision has been made to enlist the help of all factions in bringing this killer to justice.

So far all that is known of the attack was that a few hours before the attacks some huge power fluctuations occurred across the network. The attacks instantly knocked down and disabled the NeXT GR systems and caused database errors across the board. Some Gene Replication records were compromised and others were wiped completely. We are unsure which Uplink these attacks originated from but rest assured the City Administration has its omnipotent eyes watching out over them for fear of a second attack from the same source.

Unfortunately for our brave Copbots the same power fluctuations deactivated some of their guidance software and core data arrays. This meant that the Twilight Guardian terrorists were able to not only slip through their watchful gaze but also they were able to draw weapons and attack and kill our dear leader.

The City Administration has now had to take the grave decision to withdraw it's forces from outside the city itself. They are focussing their protection solely on the Plaza and Via Rosso districts. Pepper Park will have to fend for itself and the Outzone has been left to the rats and mutants it has so wantonly hidden beneath its decaying cowl for so long.

The NCPD has doubled its efforts in searching for this criminal and so now needs your help Runners! Often you have asked what can you do to show your love and support for your Government, well now it needs you! The initiative is now yours to sieze, take up arms against the Twilight Guardian scum that infest our glorious city. Strike at them wherever they may turn. Offer them no quarter in your quest. Visit upon them great vengeance and the furious wrath of your obedience and servitude to our cause. Spare none as you remember how they mercilessly took the life of your beloved leader in front of your very eyes!

Please in your quietest moments at the end of each day pause for just a moment and remember the man who made our city the prosperous hive of activity and the last bastion of salvation that it currently is. When our saviour Lioon Reeza was killed so many years ago it was Jack Red who stepped up and assumed control of a City on it's knees. It was Jack Red who soothed our pain and cooled our open wounds with kind words and gentle touch and it was Jack Red who exacted our revenge upon the scum that dared to cross us. He sacrificed much of his own back then but now he has sacrificed it all. He has paid the highest price and we should honour that, each in his own private way. Prayers are forbidden under City Directorate #37468 but please every man woman and child give thanks to the man who guided you into being the people you are today.

It will be an incredibly difficult task to find a successor who has the candour, humility and intelligence to lead Neocron through one of it's darkest hours since the Dome of York Wars but fear not runners a dedicated panel of experts is already preparing for just that responsibility. Further details will be announced in due course but for now please remember that as hard as they push us we will not stumble, as much as they press us we will not bend or break. The recovery will be arduous and we are far from safe but we will meet it with fire in our hearts and our heads held high.

We are the City Administration and we ARE Neocron!

Gore Burnelli


Plaza Security - City Admin Respond

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by Jake Davies

You may recall that a number of weeks ago the weapon dampener in Plaza Sector 1 was reportedly sabotaged, which resulted in the death of two runners after weapons were unexpectedly drawn. Since the incident NExT Security Technicians have been in the sector around the clock trying to establish how the security measures in place were bypassed allowing the system to be taken offline. Additional security was placed in the sector immediately after the attack.

In light of the recent events that took place in the Plaza District, the City Administration has remained largely quiet on the issue, until now as it has finally released a statement regarding the situation.

A City Administration spokesperson had this to say:

"After a significant investigation into the recent incident in Plaza Sector 1 carried out by our own personnel, along with NExT Systems Incorporated, and members of the NCPD, we have established how the security measures in place were bypassed allowing the system to be tampered with.

As rumored the Twilight Guardian was indeed behind the terrorist attacks that sabotaged the system, and are to blame for this loss of life and unnecessary violence in our great city!

The Jack Red Administration will not stand for actions of this nature, nor will we allow these so called rebels to threaten the security of the citizens or the runners of our great city.

As a result NCPD have redoubled their security efforts in Plaza Sectors 1 and 2 and will continue to evaluate the security of the other sectors in the Inner City. We will also begin to deploy our own personnel at key locations in the City, starting with City Administration Headquarters in Plaza Sector 1. For the security of our people, these forces are authorized to attack anyone they deem to be of suspicious origin on sight."

While it is clearly concerning that the Twilight Guardian have managed to enter the heart of our city, it is a relief to know that as always the benevolent and mighty City Administration have taken actions to protect us all.

The Jack Red Administration has also confirmed that a Presidential visit to City Administration HQ would occur in the next couple of weeks, so that President Red may personally reassure the day to day operatives of the City Administration.

NExT System Inc. have also confirmed that the Plaza 1 weapon dampener is running smoothly with replacement parts but will continue their monitoring of the system for the next few days. NExT also re-enforced the point that the replacement parts used are in plentiful supply and that rumours of these parts being incredibly costly and difficult to produce are false.

When we have more information on the mobilization of security within the City, as confirmed today by City Administration, we will of course keep you informed.

Jake Davies


Anarchy Breed Riot in Pepper Park!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by A.J. West

After more and more mutants crawling out of their hideouts in the past few weeks, we have now reached new heights in the recent concerns over security. Large numbers of Anarchy Breed managed to enter Pepper Park Sector 3, ready to cause mayhem long since witnessed on the streets of the Red Light District. While the chaos could not be prevented, it was eventually contained before any structural damage had taken place.

Under the lead of NCPD Special Operations Officer John Davis, an alliance was forged out of necessity. Consisting of members from City Administration, their allies and backed up by members from the Pepper Park factions the unsteady alliance fought against the intruders. Davis, a City Administration Officer and his men not only had to face Anarchy Breed but also the mutant backup the Breed brought with them.

Officer Davis was available for an interview shortly after the last Anarchy Breed scum dropped dead. On the question of how the anarchists had managed to come this far he answered: "The City Administration board decided that the security of the inner city sectors needed more attention after recent incidents. Therefore troops have been withdrawn from the outer sectors like Pepper Park. On top of that reinforcement troops have been dispatched in the Plaza District to increase security even further. This leaves us in a difficult situation out here. Heck they managed to bring in a whole damn fucking platoon it seems."

On the question of what the Breed wanted in the Pepper Park Davis has this to say: "Honestly I don't know what they wanted here, they are all dead now. But teaming up with mutants looks like something has driven them out of their hide outs, fighting them felt like fighting men who have nothing to lose at all." Of course we asked if he had heard the rumours about Twilight Guardian planning something big and if this incident could be connected to that, he went a little nuts but ensured us, that "scum like that is never capable of planing big things, they're to busy chasing their own tail."

"In the long run, we have to rely more on Runner assistance to keep the inner city sectors clear of such threats," Officer Davis stated regarding the general safety in Pepper Park.

We like to thank all runners that helped to keep our city safe and clean. Our deepest condolences to the surviving dependents, may this never happen again, their lives have been sacrificed for a greater good. For Neocron. For the people.

A.J. West


Neofrag Sports #3

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by A.J. West

The next round of Neofrag team deathmatches has taken place with much higher security level than normal. No one was quite sure why two STORMbots were present, some rumours suggested people feared NEOFRAG matches were being targeted by terrorists.

Those rumours were quickly blown away when Jack Red entered the arena. When we say blown away, we mean literally blown away by tremendous applause and cheering. President Red chose a seat in the middle of the common folks, while he was guarded by two STORMbots at all times, the message was clear - Jack Red was here to enjoy himself.

President Red, a huge fan of NEOFRAG, attended both team matches although he never revealed his favorite team. Regrettably we couldn't get an audience with the President but when passing our reporter he did quickly comment that he had "enjoyed his evening in the City but had to leave and ensure everything is running smoothly at City Administration HQ".

With the President in the house the pressure was stacked even higher for the teams to deliver a good show and a good show was certainly delivered. First up were the Anarchists against sMASH!. The Tsunami Syndicate team Anarchists entered the arena surrounded by dancing girls doing their signature incredible stunts. It must be said the entertainment factor of this team is still unbeaten, even with Protopharm's decision to give their team sMASH! a whole redesign, shying away from the greyish uniforms they introduced last season.

The match itself had everything a good deathmatch needs in addition to the the obvious grisly deaths of the players. Breath taking stunts, tactics, incredible displays of skill and of course a celebrated winner. In this case it was the Anarchists, who won 42:39.

Next up the match between the Saints and the Dusk Paladins was in no way inferior to the first. The Paladins, recently subjected to a personnel overhaul ordered by their trillionaire owner A. Peck, were said to be in for a hard time against the Saints sponsored by the infamous Crahn Sect. While the Saints have had their own overhaul in the equipment department Peck was confident for his team in an interview before the match: "This team is going to kick ass!".

The Saints are mainly staffed with PSI users and therefore require a whole different set of tactics to deal with them. The Paladins did their homework though and managed to beat the Saints with a clear 56:43.

In the singles league match Joe Spengler scored only one point to his combatant Aris Foo. Foo, who managed to score several spawn kills, ended with 41 points on his counter.

Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

A.J. West


NeoCast: New DJ-Equipment Installed at the Electric Vibes Club

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by Matt Bunker

Over the last week DJ BlackMaze has been transmitting his NeoCast across the City. Just in time for his Friday show a new DJ Booth and more powerful sound system was installed for the DJ. The exclusive system, with its custom design and unique finish, should help the well known radio channel produce a better quality of transmission with improved audio across the city.

The new system was paid for via sponsorship by our Editor in Chief Barry Pepper, who grinned as he answered questions about the lavish investment: "With the cancellation of Neocronicle's Christmas Party, as well as the work outing this year, the investment shouldn't have too much effect on the budget of the Neocronicle."

The new music system is a top of the range mobile platform utilising the latest generation of kit, which can be easily transported and set-up at any site.

On top of the new sound system Red Pepper Entertainment Group provided their dancers and strippers for free during Friday's live show. The grand unveiling of the new system at Friday's NeoCast rave was one of the reasons which lead to the huge success of the live show.

According to the NCPD there was a record number of complaints from the Outzone in the vicinity of the Electric Vibes Club, which is definitely proof of the capacity of the new system.

Shortly before our editorial deadline the following announcement reached us from the NCPD:

The NCPD informs citizens that a new, extremal dangerous drug has surfaced on the market. If there is a connection between the chemical substance dubbed "The BlackMaze Drug" and the charismatic DJ of NeoCast, it remains to be seen.

In addition to this a spokesperson from City Administration commented on his concerns that Red Pepper Entertainment, rumored to be founded by Tsunami Syndicate and Black Dragon could be involved in the organisation, and potentially the financing, of the radio show.

As soon as more details become available, we will inform you.

Matt Bunker


Neofrag Sports #2

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by A.J. West

The next series of neofrag matches have taken place.

This time the well know Scavengers, under the new lead of John McFran, went into battle with the Mechanics. McFran a native of the Wasteland and raised by Nomads was discovered or should we say traced and arrested ten years ago by the NCPD as main suspect in several cases of Wasteland convoy heists. McFran was hunted for two weeks by the NCPD, and although several times they had him surrounded, he somehow managed to escape.

The NCPD finally managed to capture him alive but with some good negotiations McFran got away with only ten years of jail time. Boyden Brace, head coach of the Scavengers, bailed him out of jail just in time for training for this new season and is highly convinced of his skills when dealing with a superior number of enemies.

Brace said before the match: "John McFran is going to be one of most remarkable Neofrag players ever." The match itself went fairly easy with a final outcome of 34:54 for the Scavengers as the Mechanics had to go without Travor Howles. Howles is suffering a three match suspension for using blacklisted drugs in an official game.

City Mercs' Soldiers of Fortune fought against the Black Dragons' Goon Squad. The match was fast paced and the Soldiers scored well at the beginning. Their lead was taken away by some awesome group kills in the second half of the game, leading to a result of 51:59 for the Goons.

Games in the Singles League had to be postponed due to mutants in the locker room. Outcome: None of the participants hurt, 23 Mutants dead. Lia Cheng described the mutant attack as "[the] dumbest place to crawl out of the sewer ever".

Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

A.J. West



Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by A.J. West

The Bunny Man has struck again. 

The weird eggs with goodies for the finder have been placed again all around neocron. Some have even been spotted in the wastes.

For the time being no foul eggs like last year have been reported. But since last year some people have died of these trick eggs the City Administration has put a bounty on the head of the mysterious bunny man. So far the City Administration hoped to catch him red-handed, but again he managed to place his eggs unseen. Even a promising update to copbots and the camera system didn't work as expected. According to a NCPD spokesperson the suspect wasn't able to shut down the cameras this time but they nonetheless didn't catch a picture of him.

So if you have seen him, know who he is or where he can be found, turn in that information directly to City Administration or a Copbot near you.

Additionally the Neocronicle has put a price on a photo of the Bunny Man placing his easter eggs. So check your own cameras, maybe, just by chance you have recorded him and didn't notice.

And if you're the Bunny Man reading this, contact us. We're interested in an interview.

As always, we keep you informed.

A.J. West


NeoCast Hits the Airwaves!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by A.J. West

Hey Chummers, 

tired of always listening to the same humming sound of your power armor air filter? Then we have good news for you. Tonight is the debut of NeoCast, it's all new with the sounds we all like to hear.

Just feed your audio system with and everything should run smoothly from there. NeoCast is sending their dope for your ears from 1700 GMT. Unless you're deaf tune in, your ears will be grateful.

As always, we keep you informed.

A.J. West


Neofrag Sports

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:49 AM by A.J. West

The new Neofrag season has begun! 

In the opening game the City Administration team Birds of Prey fought against the BioTech Inc team Toxic. Toxic lost with 45 to 48 in a rough and close match. Ryan Colby Leader of the Birds: "Toxic was a though opponent and in the last quater we were close to loosing but Jack saved the day with that incredible front tuck dodge. Simmons didn't even stand a chance and that opened up the opportunity to seal the deal and go for victory."

The game between Diamond Real Estate Builders and Tangent Industries Xrays went as expected to the hottly tipped Xrays with a final score of 30 to 41.

In the single league all time favourite Joe Spengler won with 4 points advance to the second Lia Cheng. He dominated the match since the first minute. In the second half he lost a few points due to bad luck but recovered quickly.

Seems that we're looking forward to a good and exicting season. Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

A.J. West