Yo's Takes Over Snack'A'Tack in Pepper Park

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:51 AM by Matt Bunker

The small Snack'A'Tack store in Pepper Park Sector 3 was well renowned as a prime location to grab a quick snack or even make small talk with cheerful owner Harry Morgan for over a decade. Morgan suddenly shuttered the shop a few days ago citing a well deserved retirement effective immediately as his reason.

It did not take long for rumours to surface regarding the recent closure, with some hinting it may have been involuntary due to nonpayment of protection fees purportedly forced upon business owners by the infamous Black Dragon; this could not be confirmed. An NCPD spokesperson did respond to our request for comment stating, “Racketeering is a thing of the past.”

One day after Morgan closed Snack'A'Tack, the briefly vacant location welcomed famed Yo's chain store onto the premises. The proprietor of Yo's expressed great satisfaction with the turn of events stating, “It has been a long-term goal for Yo's to branch out and service the people of Pepper Park. We are pleased to expand into this vibrant district.”

Matt Bunker