Trading Bullets, Violence Reaches Plaza 1

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:50 AM by Jake Davies

Plaza 1, an area of the city famed for it's market of Runner to Runner trading has today become the scene of a shocking occurrence. While services, items and cold hard cash are the normal currency of this social landscape, bullets joined that list today. Or rather, one bullet, delivered into the head of a NeXT Runner on the poorer end of this particular transaction. 

Others at the scene described the transaction as being normal everyday business, the NeXT Runner trading his repair services for some performance enhancing pharmaceuticals from a member of ProtoPharm. Out of no where the pair began to argue quite violently, one bystander claimed the NeXT Runner refused the trade as he believed the drugs he wanted had been cut with a lesser substance. Seconds later the ProtoPharm Runner, now known to be Hugh Glickman, exploded with rage, grabbed his holstered pistol and unloaded a single shot in the head of Mathew Degnan of NeXT. 

Slow to react to the drawn weapon the local CopBots quickly neutralised Mr Glickman and locked down his GenRep revival to Via Rosso 3, where another team of 'Bots had been despatched to collect him. At the moment no one knows how Hugh was able to draw his weapon in Plaza 1 and whether his ability to do so was known to Mr Glickman at the time. 

NeXT's Mathew Degnan was safely revived at the scene in MediCare of Plaza 1 and escorted to a safe location for a statement by the local CopBot Sergeant. 

As more details emerge the Neocronicle will keep you informed. 

Jake Davies