Neocron‘s first Season (Pluto)

Created on 9/6/2022 4:11:35 PM by NST

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we'll start a new and experimental server.

The server is called "Pluto", you may remember that name from the past!

There will be a season journey/mission later, the rewards though are handed out on Titan!

The new server will come with some new settings:

  • It’s a one slot server
  • The law enforcer implant is disabled
  • There will be no repair (except remote repair for vehicle)
  • All items will have a double decay of condition
  • A season will last for ~3 months, then every progress will be wiped
  • Some places will be still protected with our new „PvE flag“ (Area MC5, some caves), that flag will force the LE abilities to prevent ganking in those zones