BREAKING NEWS! Trade Skills Reportedly Earning Double XP! [UPDATED - ENDING 1800 UTC 27/MARCH]

We have been getting reports from the Plaza 1 Trade Center that Trade Skilling Runners are reportedly earning TWICE the amount of XP!

We've sent reporters down to the new Plaza 1 Trade Center to get more information!

UPDATE: We understand from our reporters on the ground that Runners in trade skill professions are indeed earnt double XP! The NCPD has been approached for comment.

UPDATE FROM NCPD: They're investigating this recent double XP and have claimed that it will be back to normal as of 1800 UTC Saturday 27th March 2021 (Time conversions applied for ease of accessibility)

Well, there you have it Runners! Get your trade skill XP doubled for just over the next 24 hours!