• Join us on Discord, Say Goodbye to IRC

    Created on 28.11.2016 12:51:50 by Trivaldi

    Recently we joined the Discord revolution by creating the Official Neocron Discord community.

    Due to the early success of this and the decline in use of our Official Neocron IRC channel, we have decided to not invest time in restoring our recently poorly IRC server.

    Going forward we encourage everyone to join the Neocron Discord community where they can chat with the community and Neocron Support Team alike.

    Discord offers many significant advantages over IRC which we hope will be of use to the community. Not only does Discord chat persist across sessions and devices but it also offers voice chat, easy image sharing, link previews, straight forward mobile apps and a rich friend system.

    We hope to see you there!

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  • Servers Up! Welcome to Neocron Evolution 2.3!

    Created on 12.11.2016 19:13:47 by Trivaldi

    It’s here! Neocron Evolution 2.3 is now live on Titan.

    Welcome to the next evolution of Neocron, packed full of changes, updates and bug fixes. This update goes way beyond even its own extensive patch notes (EN/DE). Not only does it deliver change today, it brings a ton of behind the scenes changes enabling us to keep adding to the game in the future.

    We hope you’re as excited as us, we’ll see you in game!

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