April Fools - Neocron's new NEXT-GEN Engine revealed!

Created on 10/27/2016 9:17:41 PM

Good news runners!

Our development team have been hard at work!
Many months have been spent in an attempt to bring Neocron into the realm of 21st century graphical performance!

As you know, Neocron is starting to look quite dated, so we have been busy updating the engine to take advantage of the latest features currently available to us in order to maximise the capabilities of modern gaming computers and make Neocron look better than ever!

As a teaser, the screenshots below can give you an idea of what you are all in for in the near future!
No expense, effort, technological challenge, coding barrier or sleepless night was spared in bringing you the new vision of the game we so dearly love, through the power of Voxel!

It's a world re-envisioned!
Can you tell which location each of the pictures represents? Such is the nature of the advance in quality that we hope you will struggle to simply recognise the world you have explored over the years.

More sneak-peaks will be coming over the next few weeks.

Kind regards, the Neocron Support Team.