• NCE 2.4.57 - Coco Candy

    Created on 25.01.2020 11:53:17 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • The Crahn Sect Hacknet Logout/Exit is now, as intended, at the HQ GR;
    • Added new Bat Queen bone enforcements; 
    • Altered the drop chances/loot in the new Spider Cave;

  • NCE 2.4.56 - Coco Candy

    Created on 24.01.2020 07:22:25 by NST


    • Updated Credits;
    • Updated the Extro-screen;
    • Deactivated triple XP;

    Gameworld & Content

    • Altered Loot (Baneful Spidercave);
    • TG Security NPCs are now able to talk again;
    • Deactivated snow-weather @Plaza;
    • Created a new apartment complex in the Pepper Park Sectors (the OZ Complex will be disabled);
    • Re-named several apartment keys;
    • Added a missing decal in Pepper Park Sector 3;
    • Fixed several broken dummy scripts;
    • Fixed some broken german translations;


    • Increased spider-web resolution;
    • Added new path-finding decals;
    • Added a new "Apartment Complex" map;
    • Added higher resolution textures to all ground vehicles;
    • Added missing LODs to static vehicles;
    • Fixed several typos in the models.ini, those prevented some LODs to work correctly;

  • NCE 2.4.55 - Coco Candy

    Created on 01.01.2020 20:49:47 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Added Event NPCs; 
    • Hung is now dropping the package you need to proceed with your epic;