22.09.2014: You found a bug? Something which breaks the game? Something which makes the game unenjoyable? Something which drives you away from Neocron? Please head over to the official forums and report it, else we cannot do something about it!

UPDATE 11.00 CEST: The patch is now live! Der Patch ist nun live!

Wednesday 10.09.2014: Today is patching day! The daily shutdown will be extended by an hour, or two for patching! Heute ist Patchtag! Die täglichen Wartungsarbeiten werden sich heute auf etwa ein bis zwei Stunden belaufen um den Patch aufzuspielen!

Titan and Vedeena are accessible again. When launching your client, please make sure that the correct server is selected in the upper right hand corner. It should read: "Neocron Community Edition" in case you want to connect to Titan and it should read "Neocron CE Testserver" in case you want to connect to Vedeena. German version can be found below.

Momentan haben wir massive Probleme mit der Performanz unserers "Launchers". Um diese zu umgehen wurde diese temporäre statische Seite eingerichtet. Der Zugang zu Titan und Vedeena sollte wie gewohnt funktionieren. Stellt bitte sicher, bevor ihr den Client startet, dass in der oberen rechten Ecke "Neocron Community Edition" ausgewählt ist, falls ihr euch mit Titan verbinden wollt und "Neocron CE Testserver", falls ihr euch mit Vedeena verbinden wollt.


13.10 CEST: Titan is now back to normal! Sorry for the inconvenience! After the daily reboot Titan did not start correctly. The problem was a faulty network connection between the servers. The public api should also be working again.


23.00 CEST: Vedeena is accessible again.

22.30 CEST: A temporary launcher page has been put in place. Vedeena's launcher page is not yet up and running again. Only login to Titan should work

22.15 CEST: We are currently working hard to bring back the launcher page. In the meanwhile please join on IRC for updates! We hope to have the launcher back up and running in about half an hour. So please check back at 22.45 CEST.