Testserver Mode

Two player organised events at 21:00 CET.

Check out the Official Forums for detailed information or contact Sgt. Gonzo on Titan.

Good luck to all participants !

Patch Release - R#189 Is Live!

We're pleased to announce the release of Patch R#189 to Titan. This patch concentrates on fixing bugs and addressing wider reaching issues introduced in the first release associated with the Balancing Project.

You can find details of all included changes in the Patch Notes, we also welcome feedback and discussion on the Neocron Forum.

PTS Updated! R#189-T#201/T#202 Released.

Today we have updated our Public Test Server Vedeena to the next patch level! As always we really value your feedback and invite you to join us and other members of the community on Vedeena over the coming days. 

We look forward to seeing you on the PTS! You can find all the details of the current test patch in our Testing & Development Forums.

R#186/7/8 Post Launch Update

Our German players can find a translation of this post, here.

We are now a couple of weeks beyond the highly anticipated release of Patch R#186 and it's subsequent hot fixes R#187 & 8. First of all we would like to apologise for the rough ride we have had since deployment, a number of circumstances converged to create a less than desirable landscape. This of course wasn't ideal when our hopes (and we're sure yours too) were set on this being the start of a new phase of resurgence for Neocron.

As of right now we're in a much better situation than we were. General stability of Titan is now back to normal, with a further server-side softpatch removing the last reproducible crash introduced in the patch.

There is much still to do. Along with unexpected side-effects caused by load differences on Vedeena and Titan, it was problems in our workflow which lead to the recent stability issues. Additional discrepancies between Vedeena and Titan introduced during August 3rd's rebuild, as well as between Server and Client files in the patch, were accidentally introduced through those workflow problems.

Once Titan was stable we spent the rest of last week reviewing our workflow, have pinpointed where things went wrong and have implemented changes to the way we work over the weekend. With those changes in place, adding additional checks and renewed focus on internal testing, we have also drawn up and started working towards a short term roadmap to address outstanding issues introduced in Patch R#186/7/8.

In this two week block (this up to now and next) we are focusing on the most significant of those issues. By applying our updated workflow we aim to release a new bug fix patch to Vedeena by Sunday 31st of August. The aim is that the patch will be "Titan Ready" upon deployment to Vedeena but we will then call on the community to review the patch for around a week, before releasing to Titan. The dates given are of course subject to change should it take longer than we have estimated to address and test the problems we're focusing on.

The focus points of our development sprint over these two weeks are:

  • Committing changes introduced in post-R#188 "soft patches", via a traditional patch to the Client and Server.
    • This will mainly cover changes made to fix stability issues. The emergency change to the Devourer will be addressed with the below.
  • Fixing drone movement issues introduced in R#186.
  • Investigating changes to the Resurrection animation. This change was not directly intended and we must identify the cause of this change.
    • We will open a new discussion on how the Resurrection's usage/animation/fx could change in the future, as a result of some positive reaction to this unintended change.
  • Automatic Pistol line damage output.
    • Changes to overall balance have impacted this weapon line with unintended side effects, discovered since deployment to Titan. The cause must be identified and compensated so this weapon line falls in line with others.
  • Neocron Client assigned to a single core on multi-core processor system.
    • We will add a user configurable control to the Hardware Configuration UI for core assignment. This change was intended for use on the server-side only, so we can better manage our resources. Rather than revert this change entirely we will give the choice to the player, as some older/low powered systems have seen a performance increase due to this unintended change.
  • Problems with Damage over Time (DoT) weapons and effects (AKA the Devourer Problem).
    • While the Devourer is the headline of this issue, it has brought wider reaching issues with how DoT works as a whole to the surface. We will address these issues at a much deeper level which will also bring the Devourer back into line with the rest of balance. Currently the damage of a single DoT stack is not correctly calculated. Over the course of this week, we have carried out in depth internal testing and have identified the source of the problem. A fix is now being implemented. Details of how the fix will impact game-play, will be included in the Patch Notes at time of release.

This is not an exhaustive list of things that need addressing. However to ensure we can bring you a quality solution within the two weeks we've outlined, we have had to keep the list concise and focus on these key areas.

We're aware there are important issues not on this list, important issues brought to our attention by the community such as; Pyrolizer Nanites, rocket damage, area of effect weapons and inconsistencies with sanctums. We have chosen the above over these issues due to their impacts on performance and in some cases their game breaking nature. The rest will be addressed in a future patch.

You can join us to discuss this announcement, here.

All the best,
Your Neocron Support Team

[RESOLVED] Titan offline according to "Sync Issue"

UPDATE: 13/08/2014 @ 17:41/18:41 BST/CEST

Dear Runners, 

Titan is now back online after we fixed the bug which caused the sync issues with a serverside patch. Have fun playing!


Dear Runner,

as a result of the ongoing "Sync Issue", we're currently shifting things in our internal infrastructure. As a result we had to shutdown Titan and may shutdown other services (like IRC) temporarily if we need to.

More information soon(tm).


Your Neocron Support Team

[RESOLVED] Titan offline temporarily

UPDATE: 13/08/2014 @ 12:49/13:49 BST/CEST

Dear Runner, 

Titan is now back online. Have fun playing!


Dear Runner,

we are currently experiencing some issues with Titan not going online after todays daily reboot period. We are currently investigating the issue and are working hard to get Titan back as soon as possible.

More information soon(tm).


Your Neocron Support Team

Softpatch applied to temporary fixing the DEVOURER issue.

The DEVOURER overall damage was reduce by ~ -33%.

This is just a temporary fix

Titan back in Retail Mode - Double XP!

Hello Runners,

since there was some confusion whether Titan is still in test mode or not, let's make this clear: Titan is back in retail mode! Everything is back to normal, well, mostly everything... double xp is on! Double xp will be on until monday.


Your Neocron Support Team

Titan in "Test Mode" - UPDATE #3 - RESOLVED

UPDATE: 06/08/2014 @ 21:00/22:00 BST/CEST

We've restored the data and applied another client side hotfix R#188. So we're finally back. Have fun playing! Test mode is over, double xp is on until monday morning!

UPDATE: 06/08/2014 @ 10:40/11:40 BST/CEST

Another server side hotfix has been applied, the server is still in test mode. Please do as much testing as you can and please invite others to test, we need as many people online as possible! Do as much as you can while online, there will be a rollback afterwards so you may safely go crazy, as long as you do not disturb others while testing!

UPDATED: 06/08/2014 @ 00:45/01:45 BST/CEST

Hotfix R#187 has now been applied to Titan. 

With the release of R#187 Titan remains in "test mode" until we can be sure stability has been restored. As of this post the "test mode" operation of Titan will continue until 19:00 BST on Wednesday 6th August 2014 (tomorrow).

Once we are satisfied with the stability of Titan, a full database roll back will be performed at the end of the test mode period. Any progress made between the deployment of R#186 and 06/08/2014 @ 19:00BST will be reset. Titan will be rolled back to it's pre-R#186 state at this time.

No specific patch notes are provided for R#187, this patch addresses the stability and functionality issues discovered in R#186 when applied to Titan. Many issues experienced under R#186 were caused by the knock on effects of internal server crashes, which should now be resolved.

This includes but is not limited to the following: Hacking (including HackNet), drone combat, spell casting, vanishing shields/buffs, foreign affects sticking and server (visible and internal) crashes.

For more details, please see the forum where you can also find a statement regarding the source of the issue.

We appreciate your continued support and patience.


Dear Runner,

as we are experiencing some issues, Titan remains in testmode from now on.

Please have a look at the board for more information. 

We're sorry for all inconvience that may cause.

Patch Release - R186 is Live!


The time has finally come, it is Patch Day!

Patch R#186 marks the beginning of a new era concerning the balancing in Neocron. It marks only the beginning, not the end. This is only the first patch and more will come. We only started the project and there is still a lot of work to do. Nevertheless we felt that the current status is a large improvement over what is currently on Titan and that we now need to collect large scale feedback from you.

We now need to test the first phase of the balancing project in a real environment. Nothing is final and a lot will still need tuning, but we hope that you will agree with us that this patch improves the situation. Please tell us what you think is good and what you think is bad and even more importantly: spread the word and get on Titan to enjoy Neocron!

Throughout the past few days we also did some maintenance work to improve Titan's stability, although we are confident that Titan is prepared for a huge wave of returning players, please do not hesitate to report problems in terms of stability even in case you got used to those problems, we are here to try our best to fix them!

You can find the full list of changes for Patch R#186 on the Neocron Website and of course discuss the changes on the Official Neocron Forum.

Your Neocron Support Team

Today is patching day!

UPDATE (12.30 CEST): Titan will now go down for patching!

Hello Runners,

the long awaited moment has finally come, today is patching day! Titan will be taken offline at around noon for patching! We will keep you posted so stay tuned!



Maintenance work on Titan - Saturday 02.08.2014

UPDATE: the maintenance work has been completed successfully, now bring your friends and stress test Titan so we can be sure that the upcoming patch launch will go smoothly!

Dear runners,

first of all: sorry for the late notice! Today we will do some maintenance work on Titan to improve its stability. Most of the work can be carried out silently in the background. However, we will also need to take Titan offline for about half an hour throughout the day, maybe a bit more, to do some heavy lifting on the server. Once the maintenance work is complete please get in game and bring some friends, so we can make sure the server behaves more stable and is ready for what is about to come soon(TM).

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



Check out the latest Release Candidate patch on Vedeena T#198/T#199

Dear Runners,

Behold! The latest and last release candidate for R#186 has just been deployed out to Vedeena! This is a land mark occasion as it brings the results of many months of hard work to the finish line - next stop Titan!

Click on the links below to see the full combined patch notes for R#186 aka "The Balancing Patch". These notes have been restructured and combined to show the full impact of this patch against the current Titan State of R#185. This includes some final changes made in R#186-T#198/T#199(Release Candidate 7), these are highlighted in bold italics. We have chosen to do this to bring your attention to all aspects of this patch, not just the final changes.

Remember that this is just Phase One of the overall Balancing Project. Work does not stop here. We'll have more details about the next phase in the coming weeks.

Extended Server Maintenance - Wednesday 25th June

We're taking advantage of our Extended Server Maintenance Window this week.

Please be aware of this extended server downtime, taking place during the morning (BST) of Wednesday 25th June. Due to a significant upgrade to our back end services, the downtime will last several hours. The Neocron Support Team apologises for an inconvenience caused by this essential disruption.

Outpost Abandonment - Timespan Increased

Recently we implemented a new in-progress feature, to add more scope to Neocron's Outpost system.

After your feedback and our monitoring of the feature, we have increased the candidate time period - the time until an outpost becomes a candidate for attack - from 7 to 14 days.

This timespan is the period between NOW and the date of the last takeover. Should an Outpost not change ownership for 14 days, it will be added to the 'candidate pool'. From this candidate pool the server will randomly select an Outpost for attack and occupation by the Wasteland's mutant population.

Once they have eliminated the mutant threat, Runners are able to retake an Outpost in the usual manner.

This new feature of your Neocron Community Edition experience will continue to evolve with your feedback, we look forward to your discussions on the Neocron Forum!

New Feature! - Outpost Abandonment

We're pleased to present to you, the first version of our new 'in-progress' feature called "Outpost Abandonment".

Key Features:

  • Abandoned Outposts (defined as: no owner change for 7 days) will eventually be attacked by various mutants
  • Mutants will take over ownership of the attacked outpost
  • Fight back the mutants for glory, honour and last but not least the possibility to regain the ownership

Please keep in mind that this is only the first version and we will continuously improve this feature. Additionally we will add more features to improve your outer world Neocron experience.

We're looking forward to your feedback on the Neocron Forum.

Have fun!

1k Likes! Double XP Celebration!

This week the Official Neocron Facebook Page reached a significant milestone of 1000 Likes!

To celebrate this great milestone for our community and your continued support of everyone's favourite MMO, we are activating DOUBLE XP this coming weekend! Grab your friends and frenemies alike, then hit the Wastelands for twice the fun this weekend.

Make sure to spread the word if you 'like' the sound of that!

R#186 Testing Begins with R#186-T#186!

We're pleased to finally bring you the news that testing has now begun for the next Neocron patch!

R#186-T#186 is the first half and requires plenty of testing as it introduces the first set of balance changes. Check out the patch notes for all the relevant information and get testing! It's vital we get as much community feedback as possible for this important patch, as it will ultimately change the landscape of Neocron's PvP entirely!

Have fun on the test server and let us know your thoughts!

Patch R#186 Status Update!

Via a post on the Neocron Forum, Trivaldi has delivered some new information regarding the incoming test phase for Patch R#186.

You can read the status update, here.

April Fools - Neocron's new NEXT-GEN Engine revealed!

Good news runners!

Our development team have been hard at work!
Many months have been spent in an attempt to bring Neocron into the realm of 21st century graphical performance!

As you know, Neocron is starting to look quite dated, so we have been busy updating the engine to take advantage of the latest features currently available to us in order to maximise the capabilities of modern gaming computers and make Neocron look better than ever!

As a teaser, the screenshots below can give you an idea of what you are all in for in the near future!
No expense, effort, technological challenge, coding barrier or sleepless night was spared in bringing you the new vision of the game we so dearly love, through the power of Voxel!

It's a world re-envisioned!
Can you tell which location each of the pictures represents? Such is the nature of the advance in quality that we hope you will struggle to simply recognise the world you have explored over the years.

More sneak-peaks will be coming over the next few weeks.

Kind regards, the Neocron Support Team.

Want to help? Now you can!

Dear Runners,

The time has finally come where you, the players can make a positive, direct impact into Neocron!

We have made available to you, a page where you can donate as much or as little as you can afford. Since the start of the Titan game server in September 2012, all of the server and upkeep costs have been absorbed by the Neocron Support Team. Now you can help us with that! It can be hard sometimes to keep this non-profit Neocron alive, so we are asking for your help with that.


Thank you for anything you are able to contribute to Neocron!

The very thankful, Neocron Support Team

[ESM] Server maintenance is currently in progress

We need to update and maintain our infrastructure today.

Please visit https://twitter.com/GM_Zoltan to get the latest news.


Website Update - Bug Fixes

We've made some adjustments to the Neocron Website, fixing a couple of post-launch bugs and making a change to the registration process.

  • Registration - Mobile telephone numbers are no longer required to create a Neocron Game Account. Please be aware that players are still limited to a single free account.
  • Features/Factions - The missing Fallen Angels logo has been added.
  • NeoLog/Apartment List - Fixed a bug which prevented multiple apartments appearing correctly. All apartments should now be visible.

Moving forward the Neocron Website will continue to evolve, if you find any issues or bugs please let us know in the Bug Reports forum with the tag [WEBSITE].

[EVENT] TG-scouts report about a large amount of fire-mutans at Grant Mine Outpost


The sectors are overrun by the local fire mutants. Your help is needed to strike them back to where they came from.

Support Policies Published, FAQ Updated

One major aim of the new Neocron website is the centralisation of all of our support materials. To continue toward this aim, our Support Policies have now been updated and re-published. Additionally we have also added a further two sections to our recently released Support FAQ.

We hope this centralisation effort is beginning to make it easier for our players to find the information they need. If you have any suggestions for information to be included on the website, please let us know in the Brainport section of the Neocron Forum.

Mission Contest Winners

Before Christmas we opened up a competition allowing us to tap into the potential out there in our Community. We've always been a firm believer that the Neocron Community has some amazing talent - this contest proved us absolutely right!

Over the last few weeks since the contest closed, all entries have been under review by the Neocron Support Team and today we're ready to announce our winners. Now the winners have been selected, the work begins to implement the winning missions into Neocron.

In total we have selected four missions which were well written, fit fantastically into Neocron's atmosphere and that we believe will be fun for players to complete. You can look forward to these new mission being introduced in a future patch.

Each of our winners will receive their chosen trophy reward soon and their names will go up in lights in the relevant patch notes. Now it's time to announce our winners!

A huge well done and thank you (in alphabetical order) to:

We hope to be able to run more similar contests in the future. For now join us on the forum to help us congratulate our talented community writers.

New Product & Launcher Websites

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Neocron Product and Launcher Websites.

Our dedicated team of web developers have been hard at worked to replace Neocron's online home with a modern, up to date content management system for some time. We are now able to share the fruits of their labour with you.

The new site provides a one stop shop for all of our updated support materials, terms of service documentation and information on all announcements, development updates and patch notes for Neocron Community Edition. Over the course of the next few weeks the available content will continue to grow, as we create the ultimate resource for your favourite MMORPG.

On top of all this the new website also provides a new Account Management portal for your Neocron Account. Within the new portal you're now able to update your account details, check out the characters on your account and even view their apartments. Sign in to the Account Management pages now to check out the new features. All you need are your Neocron Account details.

To celebrate this milestone we're excited to share with you that Double XP is now live on Titan! This celebratory period of Double XP will run for the duration of the weekend.

Join us on the Neocron Forum to share your thoughts.

New Support FAQ & Guides

We have published new versions of some of our support material. These updated materials bring them in line with the many changes made since the Neocron Support Team took over operation of the Neocron Service.

A new Support FAQ is available covering many of the common questions we recieve via e-mail and on the forums. Additionally we have also updated our Get in Game and Get Support guides. We hope these updated materials will be of great value to new, returning and current players alike.

The new versions of these materials can be found on the Neocron Website.

Terms of Service & Rules of Conduct Updates

We have published updates to the Neocron Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. All players are advised to re-read these documents as they form part of your agreement for using the Neocron Service.

The updates mainly concern changes reflecting the Neocron Support Team's status as operator of the Service. Further changes have also been made to incorporate adjustments and emphasis on policy previously communicated via the Neocron Forum.

Both the Neocron Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct can be found on the Neocron Website.

Extended Server Maintenance 29th Jan.

We're taking advantage of our bi-weekly Extended Server Maintenance (ESM) Window this week to perform some general system maintenance. This message will be removed once everything is back to normal.

As always maintenance activities begin around 0700 UTC and can last up to 6 hours. We'd like to take this oppurtunity to appologise for any inconvenience caused.


Neocast with Trivaldi and Alduin

Hi Runners,

as announced last week (see: http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?154065-Official-NeoCast-Interview-%96-We-need-your-questions!), there will be a Neocast tonight staring ;) Trivaldi and Alduin to answer questions. The Neocast will start around 18.00 BST/19.00 CEST whereas the interview will start around 19.00 BST/20.00 CEST so make sure to tune in!


Your Neocron Support Team

Dev Update - December 2013 Published!

Hello Runners!

The December 2013(Festive) update has been published, and is available to read over on the official forums. We discuss the progress within the Balancing Project, as well as talk of new visual and graphical updates!

Head on over to the official forums for all the information - http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?154895-Development-Update-%...


Your Neocron Support Team

Hotfix R#185

Dear runners,

to counter the stability issues throughout the last days and to fix the annoying graphical glitches (missing textures), R#185 has been applied today. More details can be found in the official forums in the combined patch notes thread for R#184 and R#185. http://forum.neocron-game.com/showthread.php?153262-R-184-Patch-Notes


Your Neocron Support Team

This is Sparta!

Dear runners,

Sparta is finally officially online and the first set of changes has been applied! You can find out more about it, especially on how to connect and help, on the forums: http://forum.neocron-game.com/forumdisplay.php?239-Sparta-Announcements-...


Your Neocron Support Team

T#192 [EXPERIMENTAL] Released!

Hello Runners!

A new Testserver Patch hits VEDEENA please make sure that you have a CLEAN copy of the current TITAN client.

You also need to have the latest version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 C++ Restributibale  x86 installed.

You can find the link HERE

This is an experimental patch with a new version of the client.

More details will follow soon.

T#196 Release Candidate Five has been Released!

Testing Release Candidate Five
There is a lot to do! We need your help!

Details on how to get the resistance values for your shields can be found in Bragi's post.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Since the balancing related changes affect all weapons in game (so also mobs!) we also need to make sure that PvE is not broken. Please log in on your PvE chars and hunt down a few Warbots, Ceres Trooper, a few of Regant's soldiers and more. On top of that, the low level PvE balance might have changed considerably, so please also have a look at how hard it is/has become to level a new character on Vedeena now. Release Candidate Two touched again quite a lot of PvE related settings, so please head over again to Vedeena to test!

Last but not least: tell your friends about these changes and kick their asses to go with you to Vedeena and have some PvP there, however do not expect your previous setups to be as good as before, experiment, try out new things and tell us whether the possible choice of weapons has now increased and whether everything feels more balanced now. Please test 1vs1 as well as group PvP. It would be great if we could even get some feedback from a larger fight at an outpost.

Anyways thank you very much in advance for all your testing! It is time to take the first step towards a better balancing in Neocron together!

Statement - UPDATE - T#195 - Release Candidate Four

Drones deal less damage than all other weapon types, because Droners do not need to engage in combat situations physically they only engage in combat remotely via their drones.

The duration of the psi based heals has been halfed, because with the move of the anti shielding spells from PPU back to the APU, the PPU has lost quite some of his workload.

State of the hacknet: at the moment, according to the few reports we got so far, the hacknet is rather messed up. Whether it will remain this way when this patch hits retail will mainly depend on two things: our time schedule and your hacknet testing efforts. If everyone agrees that we can safely ignore hacknet throughout phase one, we will ignore it and not spend time on it. Phase two will hopefully

R#186 - T#192 - Release Candidate One has been released!

R#186 - T#192 - Release Candidate One has been released! Please have a look at the patch notes thread for details. The section on how/what to test has also been updated. In summary: we need to confirm, that the applied changes (the dpm curve) still work as intendend. In addition we need to test PvP and PvE and see whether both is in good shape.

UPDATE - T#195 - Crash fixes

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A bug was fixed which leads to a crash while you create a new character
  • A bug was fixed which leads to a crash while you cast a psi module
  • The category "Feedback" should now working correctly on all languages

Thank you for testing! This solved 2 critical bugs! <3

UPDATE - T #192 + T# 194 - EXPERIMENTAL!

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • We'd upgraded the source code of Neocron to make use of a newer runtime version. This is highly experimental and needs further testing. You can download the new runtime by following THIS link.
  • A bug which leads to a sudden death after 'syncing' should been fixed
  • A bug with sanctum spells which 'overcasts' better psi manipulations should been fixed
  • A new option has been added to the Hardware Configuration window, players can now toggle dynamic lightning on Non-Player-Characters
  • Some new features has been added to the mission system which are not visilble for you yet but I enables us to create more and better missions
  • A new category "FEEDBACK" was added in the bugtracker - Known bug: In german clients there is a wrong caption

Visual Assets

  • New splash screens were added: NST, REAKKTOR and PEGASUS. Last one is the codename of the Neocron Client, our Framework, the Backend and all developments since we have taken over
  • A new version of the Non-Player-Character dialog

UPDATE - T#196 - Release Candidate Five

Balancing related changes:

  • APU spells: psi use is now proportional to the damage per shot of a spell (this will probably still need very heavy fine tuning), except for the anti spells whose frequency is too low for this approach to work
  • Barrels damage output is now approximately equal to the damage output of other AoE weapons
  • Single target heals now do 50% less heal per tick
  • Sanctum and group heals should do ~ half the healing per tick than in 195
  • Overall player hitpoints have been lowered by 1/3 to compensate for the lower PvP damage
  • Casting time of the "Holy Unprotector" has been changed to 4 seconds
  • Casting time of the "Anti Protector/Absorber/Deflector/Heal" spells have been changed to:
    • 3.5 seconds in case of the normal version
    • 3 seconds in case of the blessed version
    • 2 seconds in case of the holy version
  • APU aiming correction has been changed, details see below

Technical changes:

  • High frequency spells should now work as intended
  • Calculation of the effective frequency for weapons in the item information window should be fixed

APU aiming correction: previously, the apu did by default 65% of his intended damage if "his aim was closed less than 65%" if it was closed further he did more damage, up to 100% if it was fully closed. This has been implemented to compensate for the fact that opposed to other weapons the apu's casts would not miss their target. We have changed this as follows: the baseline damage output of the apu is now 90% instead of 65%. Depending on how much his aim is closed when starting the cast this will increase to 100% if the apu's aim is fully closed.

UPDATE - T#195 - Release Candidate Four

UPDATE - T#195 - Release Candidate Four:
Balancing related changes:

  • Drones have been balanced according to the same rules as for the other weapons, AoE of drones has not yet been taken into account
  • Drones damage output is 10% less than heavy combat weapons (which are at the moment the reference and therefore set to 100%)
  • The test NPCs have been dromified, because the collision model of the elves is broken
  • Frequency of all APU spells has been raised
  • Clip size differences between rares and normal weapons has been removed
  • Unprotector has now been also moved to the APU
  • Duration of psi based heal effects has been halfed (30 seconds instead of 60 seconds)
  • Duration of hacknet heal effects has also been halfed (60 seconds instead of 120 seconds)

Technical changes:

  • A minor bug in the calculation of the casting time for spells has been fixed
  • STORM laser showing the wrong model has been fixed
  • Beam weapons should now work exactly as burst weapons do
  • The burst nature of bursts has been fixed, so instead of a monotonous pew, pew, pew, pew... burst weapons should now do a pew, pew, pew, wait, pew... again
UPDATE - T#194 - Release Candidate Three

Balancing related changes:

  • Fall damage should be back to normal, the synchronization between client and server has been fixed
  • Mob versus Player damage has been reduced by 25% or in other words: reverted the change in damage of mobs versus players
  • Melee damage raised by another 2.5% they are now 7.5% stronger than heavy weapons at the same TL
  • Fixed a bug in the damage balancing for shotguns
  • Nanite and psi heals on the same tl should now be en par
  • The frequency of several single target apu spells has been increased, primarily of those which previously had a very low frequency, like e.g. the holy lightning or the fire apocalypse
  • Damageboosts have been fixed. Instead of even the lower damageboosts reaching the damage amplification cap with one cast, they should not be able to do so anymore
  • Frequency of all apu spells has been limited to at most 1 cast per second due limitations in the state machine controlling the different stages of casting
  • The following spells have been moved back to the APU:
    • Anti Deflector
    • Anti Absorber
    • Anti Protector
    • Anti Heal
    • (The Unprotector will be moved with the next patch)
  • Removed the healing effect from the following spells:
    • Anti Contamination
    • Anti Energy
    • Anti Poison
    • Anti Fire
    • Anti X-Ray
    • Catharsis
UPDATE - T#193 - Release Candidate Two

Balancing related changes:

  • Damage output of most AoE weapons has been raised again by a factor of 2 compared to T#192, except for barrels
  • Barrels keept their damage output from T#192, because of their special nature compared to other AoE weapons
  • Player versus Mobs damage has been raised by a factor 2
  • Mob versus Mobs damage has been raised by a factor 2
  • Mob versus Player damage has been raised by 25%
  • Nanite tools should be correctly balanced now
  • An additional damage boost of mobs depending on their level has been removed, this is already achieved by the tl dependence of weapons
  • Disruptor burst lowered to 3 instead of 4 shots
UPDATE - T#192 - Release Candidate One

Balancing related changes:

  • Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% depending on their aiming speed
  • Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% depending on the number of shots in a burst
  • Damage output of most AoE weapons has been lowered by a factor of 4 (see below)
  • Fall damage should be back to normal
  • Overall damage has been lowered a bit
  • Hacknet weapons/shields/heals have been balanced according to the same rules as other weapons/shields/heals
  • Shield strength has been increased a bit compared to T#191
  • Damage boost should be working again

Technical changes:

  • Character stats updates *should* now be enforced right after the synch so the instant death after zoning out of hacknet bug should be fixed
  • The update rate of health and damage related packages has been increased to decrease the number of players dying due to heartattacks while hunting

UPDATE - T#191

  • Shields have been rebalanced
  • Heals have been rebalanced
  • Overall damage has been lowered by a factor ~ 2

UPDATE - T#190

  • Added actor definitions needed to be able to warp to the new shooting range, placed one entrance to the shooting range at Plaza 1.

UPDATE - T#189

  • Aggressive damage over time effects - contamination, fire, x-ray, poison and energy stacks - have been reworked and should now work as intended.
  • Weapons with the same tech level from the same category (pistol, rifle, etc.) should now do the same amount of damage per minute/second, this is now independent of whether they do damage over time or instantly.
  • Due to the heavy refactoring of underlying code the corresponding particle effects now look slightly different.

  • Compared to the damage per minute/second of cannons:
    • Melee weapons do 5% more damage
    • Pistols and Rifles do 10% more damage
    • APU Spells do 15% more damage
  • Support abilities such as PPU heals and shields are still broken.
  • "Reverse LoMs" have been re-enabled on the test server.
  • We have added a "shooting range" which lets you test your damage output on, static, dummy NPCs. These NPCs only have 20% overall resists.
  • The frequency values in the weapon's info window have been also fixed.

UPDATE - T#188

  • The damage of different ammo mods has been equalized. The only difference between different ammo types is now that they deal different types of damage.

UPDATE - Hotfix T#187

  • There was an issue in the dpm curve which distorted it heavily. This issue has been fixed.
  • A temporary background of the new, still work in progress, NPC dialog has been added.